Heroes of Mt. Pocono

Part X - The Lost Cause: Return of the father

Sunday, June 25, 2005

The plane sets down early in the morning. On the outskirts of Budapest the pack meet Myrrdin. He still believes that his uncle is located somewhere in the vicinity of the city. Before entering the city they announce their arrival, and once again there is no answer. The pack drives around the city in a rented Land Rover, trying to decide what to do.

After some time of driving, they pass a suspicious looking, discolored military jeep for the second time. There are two passengers in the car, both big european guys with short hair, and in old military outfits. John checks the adress where the jeep is located and discovers that it is parked outside a small hotel. The guest list show nothing of interest.

While using Rite of the Questing Stone, Myrrdin discovers that his uncle haft left this side of the world. Entering the Umbra and questing again, he believes his uncle has gone deeper into the Umbra. Being unable to track him further, the pack decides that they have no other clues than the jeep outside the hotel, and drives back to the location to check the place out.

Parked in front of the hotel, Myrrdin and John enters and checks in. Once in their room, John starts hacking the system, while Myrrdin checks the place out on the umbra. After some time without finding anything, John receives a text from Max. Another car have pulled up to the hotel, and a woman has entered the hotel. John locates the woman’s room to see what he can discover, while Max gets the license plate from the car.

Suddenly the jeep with the two guys takes off in a hurry. The Land Rover with Max, Shaira, Faileas and Courrich, follows them. The cars get on the highway and heads south out of the city. After a few minutes of driving, Max realizes that they are almost out of gas.

Meanwhile John and Myrrdin locates the woman’s room, and checks it out. But they find neither clues nor the woman herself, which in John’s mind is somewhat suspicious. John heads towards the roof while Myrrdin runs outside, to see if she left the hotel again. Myrrdin can’t find the woman, he does however recognize two of the guards he met some days ago, while talking with his uncle in Beograd. The guards are sitting in a vehicle across the road, and haven’t seen Myrrdin until he tears the driverside door off the car and pulls the driver out into the street. A fight erupts with the two guards, and within seconds a few civilians interferes trying to help the guards. Luckily for Myrrdin he manages to escape the trouble and leave the site in the guards’ car.
John has reached the roof and quickly finds Myrrdin driving down the street and the two guards, who are now hiding behind a car. He calls Myrrdin and tells him to keep driving. He takes out the two guards using a trickshot and a streetlight. Afterwards he goes down to the street, steals the guards’ phone before he runs down to the nearest McDonalds where he stays low. As Myrrdin leaves the city he calls John and tells him that he has found the trace of his uncle.

On the highway the pack’s car hasn’t been noticed, as they reach the first gas station. Luckily for them, the car they are following also pulls into the station. Max does his best to keep away from the guys in the other car, but as he’s waiting in line to pay, one of the guards from the car enters the store, and he obviously recognizes Max. The guards take off with the pack right behind them. Shaira calls John and they update each other on the situations.

When the situation at the hotel has cooled down, John takes a bus to the closest airport, where he rents another car and heads south to pick up Myrrdin, who has left the car he borrowed from the guards.

Driving down the highway at a great speed, the pack’s car has caught up with the guards. Max pulls the car up close and uses True Fear. The driver panics, looses control of the car, it flies of the road and crashes in the ditch. Both passengers are dead, so they take any gear and identification, that might help them further, before continuing down the highway.

John and Myrrdin later catches up with the rest of the pack at a small motel, where they stay for the night.

Monday, June 26, 2005

The pack starts the day by trying to decide what to do, when or if they eventually are able to catch Myrrdin’s uncle, whom they by now know is named Liam.

Having discussed the matter with Christopher in Stonehenge, they have learned that there is only one Caern in Europe, from which they will be able to take a moonbridge to Stonehenge, at the moment. Due to low staffing the Sept at Stonehenge, can’t open a new moonbridge. The bridge which already is open, is from a Get of Fenris Caern deep in the woods of southern Germany. Christopher allows the pack to bring a possibly tainted Garou (Liam) back to Stonehenge by a moonbridge, as long as they themselves can guarantee for the safety of the Caern and Sept, if a situation would arise. The pack immediately sends the Stag towards the GoF Caern, bringing a message; they would like to ask permission of the sept, firstly to bring Liam to the caern and secondly to use the moonbridge, to travel to Stonehenge with Liam.

Having packed what little gear they have, the pack later takes off south in the direction of Liam. Using Rite of the Questing Stone the pack continues the search for him. After a few hours of driving, Myrrdin realizes that he has been to this area before. While the pack was back in New York and Myrrdin searched for Liam alone, he passed through this same area and specifically a small village not far from where they are now. This is also the village where Gaerwyn’s pack were ambushed three years ago, and now it seems that Liam is located close to the village.

With Max and John as drivers in each car, the pack continues towards the village. Shortly after having entered the village, the cars are hit by gunfire from several locations. Without hesitation they turn the cars around and drive back the way they came. They find the road blocked by two cars. John crashes into one of them, while Max takes a hard turn down a narrow sideroad. He looses control a few seconds later and crashes the car. They all jump out of the cars and spread out in search of the attackers.

Corriuch has barely left the car, before he is hit but luckily only lightly wounded. John however notices that Corriuch has been hit and recognizes that it could only be a sniper that could have made the shot. He finds the snipers location and tries to take him out. Corriuch is back on his feet and chases one of the shooters into a building where he takes him out and continues searching for more shooters.
Shaira heads for the roof of one of the buildings, underway he takes out one of the shooters with the axe.

Down in the street the shooting intensifies, and John is hit several times. Myrrdin reacts quickly and heals John. Meanwhile Shaira has reached the roof of the building. He jumps to the next building where he kills another enemy.

Suddenly they hear a helicopter taking off somewhere in the village. John immediately runs to the nearest roof, and using yet another trickshot, he forces the helicopter to crash on the outskirts of the village. Corriuch is chasing some enemies further down the street with Shaira and Faileas on his tail. At the end of the street they see several enemies including Liam, leaving in two cars. They take out the remaining enemies, before Max and Myrrdin catches up with them and they take off after Liam in a stolen car.
Meanwhile John is trying to locate the crashed helicopter from the rooftops. Having jumped across several buildings, he finally spots the crashsite. The only passenger and pilot is both dead. He sees no trace of other passengers, so he jumps down to the street, to find a car and follows the rest of the pack.

Night is falling as the cars leave the mountains after an hour of driving, and continue down the highway. Soon the car with Max, Shaira, Faileas, Corriuch and Myrrdin catches up with the two cars. One of the cars slows down, and two of the passengers starts shooting towards the car driven by Max, without doing any real damage. Suddenly the two cars turn away from the road and drives across the field. Max follows but as John tries to do the same he hits the roadguard and he is forced to stop the car if he doesn’t want to crash. He jumps out, pulls out his sniper rifle and starts tracking the two cars. He shoots a tire on the front car, but somehow the driver manages to keep control of the car. However none of the drivers have seen the big ditch in the field, and both cars crash almost simultaneously. Max is able to stop his car short of the ditch, and the pack jumps out, chasing after the enemies which left the crashed cars. Meanwhile John starts searching for Liam through his scope.
As they reach the crashed cars they see that two enemies are left. Max goes to Crinos and lands on the roof of the car, flattening it and taking out the last enemy in the car. Shaira runs to the other car and deals with the remaining passenger. Corriuch and Myrrdin runs across the field hunting for the remaining enemies and especially Liam.

Coming closer they realize that they have entered an old and abandoned airport. In the distance they can see the empty and dark building, several gate walkways stick out from the main building, and to the side stands a small observational tower. All across the area, nature has started to take over. The tarmac is cracked and filled with holes, and on several locations trees and wildlife has overgrown the building.

John decides to take a chance. He sidesteps to see if he can locate Liam on the other side. He sees a humanoid figure, shrouded in darkness. It appears that the darkness is following the figure. He shoots twice into the darkness, and it looks like a piece of it falls off. The figure immediately disappears from the Umbra. Unfortunately John’s presence on the Umbra has attracted something very unpleseant. John can feel the cold coming closer, and he sees a black spirit like essence appearing before him. It clings to him and he can feel how it slowly burns its way through his clothes. He senses how the creature opens it’s mouth trying to engulf him head first. With his last shread of focus he manages to tear himself free causing great pain and damage, before he sidesteps back.

On the other side, the rest of the pack spots a figure as it comes out of the Umbra. It jumps up into one of the gate walkways. Corriuch and Myrrdin follows the figure, while Max turns left to flank it. Shaira follows the same route going under the walkway. As John leaves the Umbra, he sees that he’s too far away to do much good, so he jumps into his car and drives towards the airport.

Running along the walkway, Myrrdin is assualted from above, by a Black Spiral Dancer. Corriuch hears this and turns around to help him. As Corriuch reaches Myrrdin, he sees that he has been severly injured and lays unconscious on the floor.

Max is running alongside the main building, when another Dancer comes jumping out at him through a large glass facade. In a shower of glass and Dancer claws, Max is badly wounded and knocked out. Luckily Shaira sees this and reacts quickly. He springs foward and cleaves the Dancer with the axe.

Corriuch reaches the Dancer which attacked Myrrdin, before he has a chance to finish him off. They start brawling with teeth and claw before Corriuch is overpowered and ends up beneath the Dancer. Above him he can see how yet another Black Spiral is coming towards him. Meanwhile Faileas has reached the wounded Myrrdin, and awakens him, with the help of Mothers Touch.

Shaira sees that Corriuch is pinned and about to be attacked by another Dancer. He goes into Hispo, and sprints foward at great speed. He just manages to intercept the newly arrived Dancer, before it can attack. Corriuch uses this as a distraction and finishes the Dancer on top of him. He then jumps up to help Shaira finish the other one.

Myrrdin is back on his feet, and ready to react when he hears Shaira call out, that Max is wounded. He runs to his side and heals him. Faileas starts running along the perimeter, still searching for Liam.

John has reached the airport and starts surveying the area trying to locate the pack. However the route he has chosen sends him the wrong way across a series of security spikes, which puntures all four tires on the car. He only barely misses a large tree as the car skids to a halt. As he jumps out he realizes that the tree was more than just a tree, as a Black Spiral appears with a klaive in hand. With his first strike he not only hits John, but also takes off a large piece of the car and the cardoor. John quickly puts three bullets in the Dancer’s chest, who reacts by roaring at him in pain and anger. Though the damage isn’t big, it is just enough to give John time to draw his klaive and finish the Dancer with a single blow to the head.

Faileas sees that John’s damage is quite severe, and runs to help him. John asks Faileas to go with him to the Umbra, to search for Liam again. When they can’t see him there, they immediately return. Myrrdin runs into the airport in search for Liam, with Max on his tail. Meanwhile in the walkway Shaira and Corriuch is still fighting the lone Dancer, who appears to be a more powerful foe than expected. The Dancer is even able to knock out Corriuch before it is killed by Shaira. He then picks up the unconscious Corriuch, and runs towards Faileas.

John starts looking through his scope again, to locate any enemies. He sees two and shoots one of them, who then disappears, most likely into the Umbra. The second enemy runs into the airport before John has any time to shoot him. John decides that he needs to get to higher ground to get a better overview. He runs to the nearest control tower and starts climbing.

Inside the airport, Myrrdin has found the scent of his uncle. They are running up flight of stairs, when a Black Spiral suddenly emerges out of nowhere and attacks Max. Max manages to dodge and the Dancer soars through the air and lands so hard on the floor behind Max, that it collapses. Max quickly gets to his feet and jumps after the Dancer finishing it before it gets off the ground.

Myrrdin has reached the roof of the building, and is still searching when he suddenly senses Liam appearing behind him. Before he can react however, Liam puts a sword through his chest and leaves him on the roof to die. As Max reaches the roof seconds later, Liam is already running towards the edge of the roof. He jumps, swings the sword once and disappears midair. As Liam jumps Max sees that he appears to be wering a cape of darkness which seems to have its own will. Without hesitation Max jumps after him and sidesteps. When entering the Umbra Max can see how it appears that Liam is now fightning with the darkness while falling, before he leaves the Umbra again.

On the other side, the rest of the pack hears how Liam leaves the Umbra screaming, and shrouded in darkness. When he lands hard on the ground, he hasn’t got time to do anything before he is surrounded by the darkness. The darkness materializes a large spear and impales Liam from behind. John starts shooting into the darkness, but he only discovers that the darkness doesn’t appears to be affected by his bullets. Max followed Liam to the Umbra and back, and he now lands in the middle of the darkness. It immediately pulls away from him, in several directions. When Shaira, Faileas and Corriuch reaches Max, the darkness has disappeared down an old sewer.

Faileas is immediately send up to Myrrdin by Max, and he heals him with Mothers Touch. Afterwards the pack gather around Liam’s body. There is no doubt that he is dead and can’t be saved. Myrrdin confirms that it indeed is his uncle, whom he talked to in Beograd.

After drawing their breath for a few minutes, and checking to make sure that everybody’s okay, they start talking about what their next move is going to be. First priority is to contact the Stag, to get an answer from the Get of Fenris Sept. The answer is, that even though they aren’t actually welcome to the Caern, they will allow the pack to enter. Regarding using the moonbridge, they will deal with that, when or if the pack eventually do enter the Caern.

Tuesday, June 27, 2005

It is past midnight, as the pack slowly walks across the dark field away from the airport. First priority is to get away from the area and hopefully Serbia as well. Checking the three remaining cars, they start preparing. Flipping one car over, changing a tire, removing the windshield and fixing a few dents, they are able to get one of the enemies cars ready as well as the one Max drove earlier. Making sure that there is enough gas on both cars, they drive towards Beograd.

As soon as John is in the vicinty of an internet connection, they pull over. Firstly he deletes any evidence regarding the two rental cars, which are now parked/crashed/shot to pieces, in the village. Secondly he starts searching for ways to get an airplane, which will fly them from Beograd to London, as quickly as possible. One of the companies he checks out, can have a plane ready within 12 hours. This is approved by the pack, and he then immediately starts creating the necessary papers to get them all safely and legally back to London.

To avoid attracting attention, the pack decides not to drive directly to Beograd in two stolen, beaten up military vehicles. Having parked a few miles away, John runs to the airport, where he rents a simple van. With the pack and Liam in the back, they drive back to Beograd to make several quick stops. John gets some new clothes, they get something to eat and they go past a funeral home, to get a coffin for Liam. Afterwards they go out to the airport, to make sure they are there in good time, to catch their flight.
The pack sends a message to the GoF Sept, thanking them for their offer, but also letting them know they won’t be needing their help anyway. They also send a message to Christopher in Stonehenge, telling him that they have located Liam and that he unfortunately is dead. They have however found safe return to London and expect to arrive later this afternoon.

In the airport the pack goes easily through security checks and customs, and boards the plane without any incidents. When they finally sit down in the seats after a long and hard night, they are all overwhelmed by exhaustion, and they all fall asleep before the plane has taken off.

As they leave the plane in London, a car is waiting for the coffin. It is taken to the city with the pack right behind it. The coffin is intercepted by two Glasswalkers, who makes sure it is transported to Stonehenge. Meanwhile the pack takes care of a few personal agendas.

John gets in touch with some Glasswalker contacts, to get a hold of some new gear which will need to be dedicated later. Myrrdin goes to the safehouse where the Fortune Teller is located. He enters the house with Shaira and Corriuch. Max goes down to a small diner to get something to eat, which he enjoys in a nearby park.

Meanwhile Faileas goes for a run and decides to go to Hyde Park, where he contacts Billy on the Umbra. Billy approaches Faileas when he hears the call. He seems relaxed and actually happy to see Faileas, but he asks him about the punishment, they have heard about from Stonehenge. Faileas does as he has been told and explains. When Faileas has confirmed to Billy, that he is more than welcome to invite him inside, he does so. They talk for a while, Billy’s asking questions about the trip to Malfeas. On more than one occasion Billy mentions Gargoyles. When Faileas finally ask him about this, he learns that the Gargoyle that was located in the museum, was stolen last sunday. Under more or less suspicious circumstances.

John makes a stop at Patrick’s house, where they talk about the pack’s trip to the Balkans and the fight at the airport. Before leaving, he get’s some more silver bullets. Later the pack gather at the park where Max is still waiting. Faileas tells the others about the Gargoyle. While driving towards Stonehenge John talks with Patrick about the stolen Gargoyle, without learning anything of any interest.

When the pack arrives at Stonehenge, they are invited inside by Christopher. In the longhall sits the coffin containing Liam. Myrrdin tells his story, assisted by different testimonies from the pack regarding specific witnesses and pieces of evidence. Myrrdin makes another Rite of the Questing Stone searching for his father. Unlike his previous attempts, this time he can actually sense a direction. Christopher says that the best thing they can do now, is wait and see if Gaerwyn would eventually return to the Caern.

Myrrdin can’t find rest, and a few hours later he starts questing again. This time however he hasn’t got time to finish, before he hears his father calling out his name. He runs to him and embraces him. Even though he hasn’t seen him for more than three years, Myrrdin is still surprised, when he sees what he looks like. There is no doubt that it is his father, even though he looks more like Liam than the old Gaerwyn. They exchange a few words, before entering the camp.

As they enter Christopher immediately exits the longhall and goes over to greet them. He speaks privately with Gaerwyn for a few seconds, before leading him into the longhall. A few minutes later Christopher exits and approaches Myrrdin and John. He tells them, that if they wan’t to do something about this matter, they need to do it now. But to do so, Christopher needs more men. He asks them to go north in search of Gaerwyn’s pack, as they are going to need them.

John wakes up the sleeping members of the pack, and they leave at once. They drive for a couple of hours, before they reach the area where Myrrdin’s questing rite told him, they would be located. He calls out to his father’s pack, but is answered by different voice. A few minutes later they meet a Fianna pack none of them have seen before. The Fiannas tell Myrrdin that they have been running with Gaerwyn’s pack for the last few days, hunting a group of Wyrm agents. However as the enemies went in different directions the two packs were seperated, and the Fiannas haven’t heard from them the last 24 hours. They should however be located in the woods north of their current position. The Fiannas give the pack a final warning before departing. If they chose to take the shortest route through the woods, they need to be careful. There are multiple enemies in the area in form of both Black Spirals and different fomori. As John aren’t able to change form at the moment, he continues north in the car with Faileas at his side, while the rest of the pack runs north through the woods.

They havn’t run for long, before they pass a track where something hideous obviously have been travelling. They decide to continue as they are in a hurry. Suddenly the forest stops and they more or less stumble into a small camp of Wyrm soldiers, and before they know it they are fighting. They send a message to Faileas and John through the Stag, and John immediately takes the first roadlike path he can, and drives into the woods heading straight for the pack.

The “attack” comes to such a surprise for the enemy, that the pack clearly have momentum, even though they are outnumbered. Besides this they are obviously more powerful than the enemies so they are quickly defeated one by one, and in some cases even two at a time. The last remaining fomori decides to save his own hide and tries to escape. He is however stopped as something huge steps out of the surrounding darkness and impales him with a large sword. The fomori is tossed aside and the figure steps into the light, while turning into Homid form. As the transformation is complete, Myrrdin realizes that he is looking at his farther for the second time that night.
A few seconds later the camp is illuminated by light, as the car with John and Faileas arrives. John steps out of the car and takes one look at the person in front of Myrrdin. As he sees the sword Gaerwyn is holding in his hand, he realizes the mistake they have made and what they have to do. He jumps into the car and turns it around back the way he came from. Shaira manages to yell to him before he, Corriuch and Max sets of through the woods, that they will meet him halfway to be picked up.
Myrrdin stands frozen to the ground for a few seconds looking into the eyes of his father. Tears are swelling up inside him. Gaerwyn looks at his son and points in the direction of the pack. “maybe we should go after them?”.

to be concluded


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