Heroes of Mt. Pocono

Part VI - "Welcome to the Rock"

Monday, January 31. 2005

For once the day starts rather uneventful and at a slow pace. The pack is resting at Alice’s mansion. Some are tending a hangover others are meditating. Johnathan walk around checking out the house. He ends up at the indoor pool. Dressed in a small bikini, Alice appears from the back of the room. They talk for a while and relax in the pool, before she asks him to go out and get something to eat with her. They get dressed and goes downtown.

Alice and Johnathan spends most of the day in the city. She takes him to several fancy restaurants, taking him on a small tour around the city. As the hours pass, with the sun slowly crawling towards the horizon, they park the car and goes for a walk along the the beach. After a while they end up at a pier, where a small tourist boat from Alcatraz has justed docked. They see a couple of security guards escorting a group of drunken englishmen off the boat. They hear the guards talking about how the english had behaved very inappropriately on the trip. Alice graps Johnathan’s arm and walk towards the shore. Before either of them can react they are attacked by a handful of the englishmen. It seems like they are under the influence of some kind of drug or something. They are incredibly strong and very hard to fight, and their breath stinks like Wyrm taint. One of the englishmen suddenly vomits on Alice. She is shrouded in darkness and fall unconscious to the ground. Johnathan can’t resist and frenzies.

When Alice and Johnathan haven’t returned at 6.00 pm, the pack talks with Michael and decides to go into the city to look for them. Michael easily locates Alice’s car. The pack set of along the coast, with Michael in the car. After a while they hear Johnathan’s roar and they run as fast as they can toward the sound. When they arrive at the scene, they find what appears to be a massacre. Whoever or whatever he has been fighting, has been reduced to a bloody mass. Pieces of human remains are scattered across the pier. In several places birds are already picking on eyeballs and other bodyparts. In the middle of it all they find a bloodsoaked Johnathan lying besides an unconscious Alice. They get them both in the car and drive them back to the mansion. Shaira is sitting in the back of the car with Johnathan and Alice, when he sees that her eyes have turned completely black.

When Johnathan wakes up he tells them what he remembers. They talk about going out to Alcatraz later. Michael tells them what he knows about the old prison. During the night, Faeleas and Corriuch goes down to the pier, to check the area on the umbra, They find nothing. Johnathan contacts a weaver spirit on the umbra looking for help. He concludes that Alice most likely has been poisoned but not tainted. A local Theurge peform a Rite of Cleansing on Alice, without any result.

Tuesday, February 1. 2005

Shaira starts the day at sunrise, by casting a Rite of Cleansing on Alice, again with no result. Johnathan tells the others what he discovered talking with the weaver spirit, and they take a sample of her blood and have it sent for analysis immediately.

Afterwards they begin to plan their visit to Alcatraz. When they later arrive at the island, they split up in two groups. Max Corriuch and Shaira joins the tour of the site, sniffing around the place trying to locate anything out of the ordinary or anything that smells bad. Max has a minor encounter with the spirit of a hanged man in one of the old prisoncells. Besides that they find nothing.
Johnathan and Faeleas sneaks around the island trying to find a way inside some of the buildings that are closed to the public. Going through the umbra, they enter an industrial building, where they quickly head down to the basement. They walk around for a while, before they are discovered, when Johnathan makes too much noise opening a door. The guy who discovers them fires his gun and wounds them both. He is using silver bulllets. They take him out before he can do to much damage. Suddenly the air in the room turns very cold, and they can feel something cold and dark creeping closer. They turn back and head to the exit. They meet up with the rest of the pack, and they return to the city. John investigates the gun he took from the guy in the basement. The gun is lacking a serial number. But further investigations show that the number hasn’t been removed. The gun has never had a serial number.

Shaira sends a spirit with a message to the Wendigo pack. When the spirit returns, it tells him that it couldn’t locate the pack, but it looked like something bad had happened at the site. They decide to go out there immediately. When they arrive they look around both on the umbra and the other side. They find traces of a fight and two corpses. They also manage to locate a trace of some BSD, but it disappears.
On the umbra, they make contact with the last Wendigo, Rigo, who tells them what he knows of the ambush.

They make further investigations in the area, looking for evidence of helicopter activity. They find that some of the trees have been “trimmed” indicating that a helicopter could have landed here and pickep them up. Rigo talks with an Owl spirit who takes a look around on the umbra, He can sense the presence of a metal bird has disturbed the nature. Faeleas uses Rite of the Questing Stone, concluding that the Wendigo pack is located about 15 km. from their current position. Further investigation leads them towards a transtation in the outskirts of the city.

They arrive at the trainstation, where they split up and take a look around the area. They find a helicopter sitting on top of a large container with the word Magadon on the side. They sneak around to have a closer look, and Johnathan puts a bullet in one of the workers. After a while an old enemy of theirs (BSD) comes out of hiding. He graps Max and holds him as he puts his blade to Johnathan’s throat. He talks with them for a while, several times he repeats that he will only talk to the Alpha of the pack. Johnathan makes a bold move, trying to shoot the blade out of his hand. He fails and the BSD steps back through a gate to the umbra. The second he leaves the pack is supressed by gunfire from every angle. Rigo take out some enemies with his bow, John takes a few shots, Shaira kills an enemy, Faeleas sneaks around, Max stays in hiding and Corriuch jumps through the gate after the BSD. Corriuch finds the BSD on the other side. He has apparently opened another gate to a dark and omnious place, beside him stands a creature that can only be described as a Hell Hound. The BSD looks at Corriuch and smiles, whispers a few words in the ear of his hound before he steps through the portal and disappears. Corriuch ends up in a fight with the hound, resulting in a battlescar from its banefire bite.

When the fighting has calmed a bit down, Rigo sidesteps in search for Corriuch. He finds the unconscious body of Corriuch surrounded by several dark creatures and spirits. The only thing keeping them away from him, is the presence of the Hell Hound. When Rigo steps closer the spirits withdraw and the Hell Hound slowly backs away from Corriuch. It is clear the he is alive though wounded. He brings him back to the other side and heals him, before they return to the house.
When they return they suddenly realize, that the Klaive has been stolen from the truck during the fight. They talk about the things they saw, heard and discovered. Shaira uses a Cleansing Rite on Corriuch, healing him entirely from all Wyrm taint.

Wedensday, February 2. 2005

In the early hours of the morning, while the pack is still at sleep, Shaira is awakened by Will who is calling out to him. They talk for a while, before Will gives him the message from their old enemy, the BSD. Will offers Shaira some of his Gnosis and shows him the way. Shaira meets the BSD, who appears in a human form Shaira has never seen before, he has no doubt though that this is the same BSD they have been fighting since the war in New York. They talk for a while, and the BSD ends the conversation by handing over the Klaive to Shaira. Shaira goes back to the mansion, and starts performing the Rite of Dedication on the Klaive.

Meanwhile the rest of the pack is slowly waking up. They all meet on the lawn outside the house, as Shaira finishes the rite. He tells them about the meeting he had with the BSD. Rigo makes a Quest for his pack and locates them a couple of miles away. Johnathan recieves a phonecall from Simon Francis Smith. John has told him about the situation in L.A. and Simon is just calling to say he is already working on it. Michael tells them that his people are ready to take the pack to Alcatraz on their order, but before going there they head out to find the Wendigo pack once again.

The arrive at the destination, and old industrial laundry. They check it out on the umbra, where they locate the Wendigo pack and at least 5 BSD. Rigo sidesteps in the room where they keep his packmates. He starts healing them making sure they are all alive. Meanwhile the rest of the pack prepares for battle. They make a frontal assault detroying every enemy without problems. Johnathan finds a dog-tag from one of his old packmates. He sends a mail to Michael, asking him for help to clean up the adress. They head back to the mansion to rest for a while.

They discover that the Wendigos have been infected with the virus, they were infected by last year. They contact New York and Mother Larissa promises to send a man with the antidote immediately. They relax, meditate and eat for a couple of hours, before Johnathan recieves a message saying the antidote will be in S.F. within the hour. They decide to go out to Alcatraz without the Wendigo pack. Even though they will be given the antidote soon, they are still too weak to fight, so they will be of no use to the pack.

They fly out to the island in a helicopter, making a touch-and-go on a roof at the southside of the island. They quickly move into the building and down. They arrive at a locked door. This time Johnathan tries opening the door without making too much noise. Suddenly they hear a noise on the other side of the door. The open the door by force, Shaira is shot but Max pancakes the shooter. They continue further down the basement. They reach sub level 5, where they split up going in two different directions. They find a broom closet and two guys carrying a box of stones, one of the guys gets away. They run after him and enters a large cave. Several ghouls and two vampires fight back. They destroy one of the vampires while the other one gets away.

They follow the vampire outside, where a yacht is waiting by the shore. Faeleas and Shaira jumps on board trying to stop the vampire from getting away. Fighting starts on the boat, and suddenly it is shrouded completely in darkness. After a while the vampire disappears and they manage to stop the boat. They investigate both the boat and the cave, bringing back a map, some of the stones, a dose of antidote and one of the guns. Michael’s kinfolk arrive and clean up the mess in the cave, and they head back to the city.

When they arrive at the house, they are met by Simon Francis Smith and Rigo.


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