Heroes of Mt. Pocono

Part V - The Challenge

Monday, January 17. 2005

The pack is relaxing in their living room at Mt. Pocono, when Silver Tail drops by. They chat for a while and he mentions that they have to consider whether or not they want to make a challenge, for the purpose of proving their renown, giving them the chance to gain a rank within Garou society.
As they sit and talk a car pulls up to the house. Simon Francis Smith enters along with a young Garou he introduces as Johnathan. Johnathan is a Glasswalker, who currently isn’t a member of a pack. The pack agrees with Simon to let Johnathan run with them for a while. It would serve Johnathan greatly to see how other Tribes work, and he is also looking for the same challenge as the pack, so if Luna wills it, he might be able to pass it along with this pack.

Faeleas runs into the city to talk with Mother Larissa and some of her Bone Gnawers. He want to check out what’s going on in the city, and if there are any packs on an assignment that would be a worthy challenge for the pack.

Shaira og Corriuch make a sweep of the area surrounding Mt. Pocono, to check if any Wyrm soldiers have escaped the city recently. They find the area clear.

Johnnathan and Max drive into the city to get his equipment. They also pick up a lot of equipment so Johnathan can begin to set up radio/internet/phone/tv connections on Mt. Pocono. Several days go by as Johnathan sets up the equipment. Meanwhile the rest of the pack go about their business hunting for Wyrm troops and for food. Faeleas spend some time in the city with the Bone Gnawers.

Tuesday, January 25. 2005

The moon grows full as the pack heads to the city to a party. The Glasswalkers led by Simon Gentle, is throwing a party to celebrate the victory, and to celebrate the winter going into the last stage.

During the party Silver Tail is dancing around a pile of embers, singing a song and playing a pair of drums. He suddenly stops in the middle of the song, dropping the drums into the embers. A howl coming from outside the camp pierces the night, and Silver Tail answers. Seconds later a pack of wolves comes running into the camp. They change into Homid form, revealing themselves as a Wendigo pack. It look like they have been in a fight, as they are all wounded and one of their packmates is obviously dead. The Alpha of the pack talk with Silver Tail for a while, until Gentle appears and takes over. Having talked with the Wendigo Alpha for a few seconds, Gentle suddenly turns his head and looks at the pack with an unpleasant look on his face.

The Wendigo pack have been hunting a group of Wyrm troops for several days. Earlier this evening they finally caught up with them at Mt. Pocono, where it came to a fight. The pack lost one of their packmates before they had to retreat. They saw at least one vampire and three BSD along with a surprisingly large group of henchmen. The Wyrm troops had clearly gone to Mt. Pocono searching for something. The Wendigos don’t know if they found what they were looking for. They didn’t follow the Wendigo pack when they retreated.
The pack talks for a while with the Wendigo Alpha, who introduces himself as Torinaka. It appears that the Wyrm troops they have been chasing, are some of the same creatures the pack have been fighting. The vampire the Wendigo saw at Mt. Pocono fits the description of Fransesco. With Simon Gentle’s permission, the pack accept Torinaka’s challenge. Instead of having two packs hunting the same enemy, they will work together. If they are succesful in hunting down and destroying the wyrm troops, they will pass the challenge.

Later that night, the pack returns to Mt. Pocono. They find nothing or nobody at the farm. It appears that the Wyrm troops were indeed looking for something. The house and the barn have been messed up a bit, a few damages here and there, some bulletholes and a single window smashed.

The pack’s neighbor drops by, and tells them that a car is parked further down the road. The car have been there for a while, he hasn’t seen it before. They run down to investigate. In the car they find two Magadon employees. They discover Max and tries to get away in the car. Corriuch graps the car and rips the rear bumber off in an attempt to stop it. Johnathan shoots the driver and Max pushes the vehicle into a tree. The passenger get’s beaten up a little, but survives because Faeleas uses Mother’s Touch on him. They bring the car and the survivor up to the barn, and start investigating both him and the car. They find nothing except an obvious connection to Magadon.

Later Faeleas goes into the barn, to check on their unconscious prisoner. The prisoner suddenly open his eyes and Faeleas is caught within his stare, before he is thrown out through the barn door. He falls unconscious and enters a dreamworld were he sees a vision of the pack hanging crucified around a large fire, where Fransesco is torturing a Crinos Garou.

The rest of the pack hears the noise and runs out to help. After having talked for a while, they decide to garther some different things and to go into the city. They need to get some rest without having to worry about Fransesco and his men. Corriuch stays at the house, hiding in the woods to see if anything happens after they leave. Corriuch catch up with the rest of the pack in the city a few hours later. As the pack suspected, the Wyrm troops did show up, and this time they came in large numbers. At least 10 fomori, 6 goons, 1 BSD and of course Fransesco.

Wedensday, January 26. 2005

The pack has spend the night at Mother Larissa’s place. Shaira participate’s in a Rite with Torinaka and Silver Tail. Johnathan spends most of the day in front of his computer, hacking and trying to find a clue regarding the whereabouts of Fransesco and his henchmen. Using the GPS from the Magadon car they found at Mt. Pocono, he manages to intercept a mail, they believe to be from Fransesco:

Subject: Location
From: johndoe4832@gmail.com
Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2005 21:15:37 pm
To: HRoffice-12@magadon.ny.us

Due to resent events, we are forced to move the operation to the east location.
I have already departed and will be there when you arrive.
Inform all teams immediately.
Make sure you take alternate routes, to avoid attracting too much attention.
I have a strong belief, that they might be able to track you, so make sure that no one uses any off the standard issue vehicles.
I would strongly advice that your pack will accompany the cargo.


The pack talk with the Wendigos, and they agree to travel to Grand Canyon by moonbridge ASAP. With the help of Silver Tail and Mother Larissa, the Wendigo Theurge open the moonbridge to their caern at Grand Canyon. The pack spends the night with the Wendigos at their caern. The locals celebrate that their pack has returned from the war in New York, and they welcome the visitors with open arms. The pack feel incredibly welcome in Grand Canyon, and at least for the night they forget all their problems… everyone except Johnathan. To live in the wilderness, far away from civilization without any form of technology, is something Johnathan hasn’t done before. So he decides to leave Grand Canyon in search of the nearest motel, where he might actually rest in the comfort of a real bed. And though he finds a motel, his visit there doesn’t go entirely without problems.

Thursday, January 27. 2005

The next day the hunt continues. The Wendigo pack stays for a while at Grand Canyon, as the pack continues running across the umbra. After a while of trekking the desert, they reach a strange fog in the umbra, like nothing they have ever seen before. Sidestepping, they realise they have entered a cemetery containing thousands of military ariplanes. Here they run into a local Garou who calls himself Weasel. He seems a bit odd, he has clearly been affected by living in this cemetery for many years. Suddenly some rednecks in two pick-up trucks enter the graveyard. They are obviously hunting Weasel, but the pack intervenes. Johnathan makes a couple of good shots and taking only a few minor wounds the pack manage to take them out. Afterwards they continue in one of the redneck trucks.

Friday, January 28. 2005

The pack head west, and after a couple of quick stops at a rest area to paint the truck and switch licence plates, they arrive at the greater L.A. area. Before entering the city, they find a camping site outside the city, were they rent a small cabin for a week.

Johnathan makes contact with the local Glasswalkers, and they set up a meeting at Rancho Park Golf Course. On their way into the city, they stop to buy some new suits for the four Fiannas and to rent a new car (Escalade). At the golf course they meet up with two Glasswalkers accompanied by two kinfolk and some goons. One of the Glasswalkers introduces himself as Roger Flegg Hoffman. He is currently head of the Tribe and the city, as the former sept leaders have left town. The pack is very shocked hearing Roger’s story about the situation in the city and how relaxed he seems about everything. He even tells them that they recently have lost a Caern.

The pack head north out of the city, and sidesteps to the umbra. Here they find a fox spirit whom they ask some questions regarding the city. They take a short walk, to see what the city looks like in the umbra. It is almost entirely covered in webs, and they find several black holes and spots around the place. The city is crawling with creatures.

They go back to the rented cabin and start making plans.
- Locate some vampires, investigate and see what they are up to
- Check out the two Magadon adresses they have, and see if there are any activity both during the day and night.
- Faeleas is going to try and make contact with any local Bone Gnawers

Saturday, January 29. 2005

The pack head into town, and park at a garage near Mans Chinese Theater. Johnathan, Corriuch and Shaira go out to Magadon’s research lab to check the place out. Max and Faeleas head into the city to see if they can locate any Bone Gnawers.

Faeleas discovers a Bone Gnawer track, and they follow it out of the city. The track ends at the Hollywood sign where they meet “Jumping Jack”. They talk to him about the war and the situation in the city. He offers to help the pack any way he can. He also gives Max his phone number. Afterwards they head back to the city and meet up with the rest of the pack, who saw absolutely nothing at the research lab.

After having talked about the information J.J. gave them, they contact him again. They would like him to show them the fallen caern. He agrees to this, but if they have any desire to check the place out on the umbra, they will have to do it without him. With J.J. leading the way they go out to the lost caern. The caern is located in the basement of an old hostel. He tells them the story of how they lost it. The pack decides to stay and keep a watch on the hostel to see if they can learn more about the vampires occupying the place.

The first guy they see is “Swastika”. He jumps up on a big trike that is parked outside the hostel, and goes for a drive around the block. Shortly thereafter three bikers in black outfits arrive. They park their bikes and enter the house after having talked for a short while with another of the vampires, “Mohawk”. After some time, the three bikers are thrown out of the house.

Shortly after midnight, Mohawk goes up on the roof. A large “shadow” appears out of nothing. It appears to be communicating with Mohawk, and after a while they both go inside the house. The pack keep a watch on the building until sunrise. They start making plans regarding how they best can enter the house to take the caern back.

Sunday, January 30. 2005

They are still talking about how to take back the caern, when a hawk arrives and lands on Shaira’s shoulder. It brings a message from the Wendigo pack. They have made contact with the Magadon transport from N.Y. and could use some assistance. The pack head back to the cabin to prepare.

Having contacted a spirit to locate the Wendigo pack, they pack the car and head towards San Bernadino. They stop at a highway intersection to fill up on gas and coffee. John recognizes two goons at the rest area as Magadon employees. He shoots one of them and they catch the other. They head to a park where they bury the dead guy and question the other. He tells them they were going to San Fransisco. They catch up with the Wendigo pack, who tells them that they have been following a minor convoy. They conclude that the convoy also is heading towards San Fransisco.

They burn the Escalade and continues towards San Fransisco in the Chevy the Magadon guys were driving, with the hostage in the trunk of the car, while the Wendigos travel across the umbra.

After some hours on the road, they arrive at the suburb Brisbane where they stop and wait for the Wendigo pack. They make the hostage call his boss, Mr. Harrison to get their destination. Afterwards they send him home, telling him to resign his job at Magadon. The hawk arrives and they send it back to the Wendigos with the new destination.

The meet the Wendigos at Union Square in downtown S.F. John and Faeleas enters the hotel, and after having talked with the one of the staff, everybody take the lift up to the 11.th floor. They break in the door and knock down a wall into the room where Mr. Harrison is staying. They kill three goons before they clean the place up and leave the hotel in the company of Mr. Harrison and his colleague James. They head for a small park on the outskirts of the city, to have a talk with the two hostages.

They quickly discover that they are beeing followed by two gentlemen. When they confront them they are told to show up at Ms. Cole’s house ASAP. The pack interrogates Mr. Harrison and James. They learn that the truck that left N.Y. is currently parked in a warehouse at the docks in S.F. Besides that they tell them nothing af any use. The Wendigo pack goes for a run around the city, while their hawk will follow the pack ready to bring a message to the Wendigos. The pack then goes into the city to meet with Ms. Cole.

Ms. Cole introduces herself as Alice Cole, she is the leader of the Glasswalkers and Garou in S.F. They bring her up to date on their mission and she tells them about the current situation in the city. She offers her help with whatever they might need, be it a place to sleep and rest or assistance from the local Garou. They are also introduced to Michael Trobiano, a young Glasswalker who is currently Alice’s assistent.

The pack go down to have a closer look at the docks. They find nothing except a few goons they quickly dispatch without problems. Johnathan takes care of the security cameras. Afterwards they go back to Alice, where they have a drink in her bar and talk about what their next move is going to be.


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