Heroes of Mt. Pocono

Part VII - Taking Back the Caern

Wedensday, February 2. 2005

When the pack arrives at the house, they are met by Simon Francis Smith and Rigo. The antidote they found on the island cures Alice, and Simon has brought the antidote for the Wendigos. Rigo talks to the pack. He tells them about some of the things he has experienced during the short time he has spent with them. He questions many of the ways they have chosen to handle things. He wonder why the Alpha of the pack acts the way he does. And he forces them to consider, whether or not they are doing things the right way. Rigo also talks with Johnathan about his role in the pack, if this is the pack where Johnathan belongs. As a result of this Johnathan buries all his firearms in Alice’s garden. Finally Rigo gives the pack a small totem, which they must present before their sept. It will be the evidence, that tells the sept that the pack have passed the challenge and may be given the rank of Fostern.

Thursday, February 3. 2005

After a good nights rest, the group decide to go back to New York to settle a few matters. They begin by attending a moot in Central Park, where Larissa and Silver Tail control the event, formally granting them their new rank. Simon Francis Smith have made contact with a Fianna from Stonehenge, who accepts the rank on behalf of the Tribe. Gentle, Francis and Larissa do the same for the sept. Afterwards they spend several weeks learning new gifts, rites and skills. Johnathan creates, with the help of Silver Tail, a fetish out of Faeleas’ battlescar, binding a fox spirit in the wound. Faeleas knows the name of the spirit and he knows how to activate the fetish, but he still has to learn how to control it, to know its effects..

Max spends several days on Mt. Pocono getting the farm back to its old state. Some kinfolk and a couple of Garou from the city comes out to help him.

Friday, April 1. 2005

The pack is resting at the farm on Mt. Pocono. A lot of things has been going on these past two months, so they have some catching up to do. They talk about what they have been doing and what is going to happen. Deciding that it is about time, that they make some serious changes to the farm if they are going to use it as a base in the future, Johnathan calls an old friend, Charlie Matterson.

Saturday, April 2. 2005

Max and Johnathan drives to JFK airport to pick up Charlie. Having picked him up, they meet with the rest of the pack at a pub in Irish Town. They spent the rest of the day at the pub, drinking, telling stories and shooting darts.

Sunday, April 3. 2005

The pack takes a day off at Mt. Pocono. They get some of the more simple chores out of the way. They show Charlie around the farm and the surrounding woods and talk about what they want to do with the place. Francis drops by, to talk about the situation in L.A.

Charlie is beginning to make plans to improve the house and the farm. He recruits a couple of kinfolk from the city to help him.

They have decided to leave for L.A. as soon as the moon is ready, so Corriuch goes hunting in the woods, and with the help of the pack totem, he takes down a large male deer, which he will bring to the Wendigo pack as an gift.

Friday, April 8. 2005

At night in the omnious glow of the new moon, the pack take a moon bridge to Grand Canyon. They spend the night with the Wendigos having a small party.

Saturday, April 9. 2005

After a long run, the pack finally reach L.A. just before noon. They make contact with Roger and head out to his mansion. After having talked with Roger for a long time, they finally conclude that they can’t blame him or any of his people for the problems in the city. They discuss several things with him, and are given his permision to stay at the mansion while in the city.

Johnathan comes across an old gardener, who strikes him as very mysterious. Suddenly the gardener look Johnathan directly in his eyes and he recieves a vision. Johnathan blinks twice and the gardener is gone. He immediately sidesteps to the umbra to meditate on his vision.

The rest of the pack talk for a while and calls J.J. They agree to meet him at a pub downtown. They borrow a car from Roger, Johnathan comes back just before they leave and goes with them.

The pack have a long talk with J.J. at the pub. He updates them regarding the Bone Gnawers that have returned to the city, and he tells them what he believe has happened. His story is very much like the story they heard from Roger. J.J. also tells the pack a thing or two about Roger and his Glasswalkers, and his opinion regarding the way they work. It seems that things aren’t as bad as the pack thought they were.

They head out to the caern to see if anything has changed since their last visit. Corriuch tries to sidestep but becomes trapped in the Gauntlet. When the rest of the pack enters the umbra and they can’t find Corriuch, Shaira says that he is probably caught in the Gauntlet, and that he will most likely fight his way through in a matter of hours. Johnathan and Faeleas goes down to have a look at the caern, while Max and Shaira stays on site. After a few hours Corriuch returns. He is fatiqued and weak and can’t remember what happened. The pack head back to Roger’s mansion to get some rest.

Sunday, April 10. 2005

In the morning Shaira recieves a message from the Wendigo pack, saying they will arrive at the city the following day. The make arangements with J.J. to meet with him and the 5 other Bone Gnawers on the following day, when the Wendigos arrive. Max is given an adress where they shall meet.

Monday, April 11. 2005

The Wendigo pack arrive at the city, and they go out to the adress J.J. gave them, where they gather at the umbra. They start making a plan for the attack. The Bone Gnawers will secure the area surrounding the hostel to make sure no one sees anything they shouldn’t and to make sure that nothing gets away from the caern. The Wendigo pack and the Young Claws will go in from different directions. It is kill on sight, nothing survives. Johnathan sends a message to Roger telling him that they are about to attack.

The attack begins and they manage to pull it off without any serious damages. In the basement of the hostel, where the powersource of the caern is located, they find a hideous contraption. Four Garou are hanging crucified on a metal cross. Each of them are being drained by wicked magic and dark powers. The very essence of the Garou is slowly being corrupted and poured down onto the caern, corrupting it and gradually turning it to Wyrm. Even being in the room with this dark ritual taking place is indeed painful to any Garou, and some of those present, feel their connection to Gaia weakening as she cries out in pain under the influence of the Wyrm magic. Luckily they manage to destroy the contraption and kill all the vampires occupying the caern.

Afterwards they go back to Roger’s mansion via Burgerking. Down in Roger’s basement, they meet the gardener, who Johnathan talks with again. He listens very interested as Johnathan tells him some of the stories of what the pack has done, including reclaiming the caern. Shaira thinks he recognizes some features in the old mans face, but he dosen’t remember wherefrom.


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