Heroes of Mt. Pocono

Downtime V - As the moon grows full

Wednesday, June 14 – Thursday, June 22. 2005

The pack uses the first couple of days to do some of the chores they haven’t done for some time. Corriuch and Shaira makes some visits to the Irish neighborhood, still on the lookout for kinfolk. The pack also spends some time hunting and training together at Mt. Pocono.

Corriuch seeks assistance from Mother Larissa in the search of any information regarding the Black Spiral Dancer. Larissa has already made some preperations after the trial. Having talked with several Galliards of this and other septs, she has been able to gather a numerous collection of books containing many Garou legends. With the help of a couple of Bone Gnawers Corriuch starts the long process of going through the books looking for answers.

On the third day Corriuch finally makes a discovery. One of the Bone Gnawers coincidentally drops one of the books he had just finished browsing. As Corricuh reaches over to pick the book up he glances at the pages and sees a familiar face. He looks closer and discovers that the Garou who have been sketched on the page, is the first registered Garou in an ancient family of Germanic descent, bearing the name Bartholomaus.

With the family name, Corriuch quickly finds a book containing more records of the family including the family tree. The record of the family goes back several centuries, with details of a very large family. As time passes the amount of family members decrease rapidly, ending abruptly with a man named Levenhart Bartholomaus. When he finds a drawing of the young Levenhart, Corriuch realizes that he is the gardener they met at the Glasswalker mansion in Los Angeles. This information in somewhat disturbing, as the record shows that Levenhart was born more than 300 years ago.

As time goes by Levenhart is married thrice. All three wives die during childbirth, along with their unborn children. It is only his fourth wife who by the grace of Gaia gives birth to his first and only son, before she dies. His son is born in the year 1820 and is given the name Beringar Bartholomaus.

Searching for the son Corriuch soon finds a drawing depicting him, showing him without doubt that this is indeed the Black Spiral Dancer. However he can’t find any evidence about what happened to him. The records of the family ends before Beringar becomes of age, leaving no further trace of him or his father. By order of Larissa, the two Bone Gnawers will continue searching the books for any evidence of Levenhart and his son.

Corriuch returns to Mt. Pocono where he reports this new information to the pack. They talk about what they can and will do. They quickly decide that they have to go to Los Angeles in search for Levenhart. They need to talk to him if they want to learn more about his son, and if they are lucky they may be able to convince him to travel back to New York with them. The pack immediately drives to the city to talk with Simon Gentle. They quickly brief him about their new plan, and he gives them permission to travel to Los Angeles, letting them know what will happen if they haven’t returned within the next full moon.

The pack goes to the airport and boards a Glasswalker jet flying straight to a private airstrip outside Los Angeles. At the airstrip a car awaits their arrival and it takes them directly to the Glasswalker headquarters, where they are met by Roger Flegg Hoffman. After the initial greetings Roger introduces the pack to a Glasswalker named David Cooper. David is one of the elders from L.A. who have returned to the city recently from the war in Europe.

Sitting in Rogers office, the pack asks how things are going in the city. Roger tells them that after David has returned they are starting to get the city under control. David is former Master of War in the sept, and currently he’s the single most experienced Garou in their ranks regarding warfare and tactics. He has organized and mobilized the Garou in the city, and he has been able to recruit reinforcements from near and far. Shaira asks if Roger has seen the gardener recently or if he knows where they can find him. Roger hasn’t seen him for the last couple of days, but they are of course more than welcome to contact him and talk with him if they want.

The pack continues talking with Roger while John steps outside in the garden to look for Levenhart. He can’t find him anywhere, so he sidesteps and starts preparing a Rite of Summoning. Being in a bit of a hurry, he choses to be quick about the preperations and instead uses the gardener’s name to summon him.

Meanwhile the rest of the pack are done talking with Roger, so they leave the mansion in search for John and Levenhart. Faeleas quickly locates John on the Umbra, and recognizes that he is in the middle of a rite. The pack leave him alone and keeps looking for Levenhart.

John manages to summon Levenhart or so it seems. It quickly becomes clear to John that the “spirit” that contacts him chose to do so, partly because it was annoyed that someone used his real name to find him, without his permission. John asks for forgiveness and tells him that they desperately need his help. He asks him some questions about his son which he more or less answers. John then asks for proof regarding the claims his son made, that he needs to die by the hand of the pack. Levenhart knows this is true, but he cannot give John any real proof. Neither can he go with the pack to New York to testify at their judgement. John presses his luck a bit and keeps insists that Levenharts needs to do something which will bring if not peace, then at least understanding to Johnathan’s heart. Levenhart hears the sincerity in John’s voice and sees the weight of it in his eyes. He offers John the one thing he can do, to show him the truth. Realizing that this is probably the only thing he will ever get out of him, John accepts. The visions that flash before his eyes are many, and they are indeed both reassuring and troubling. When the visions disappear so does the “spirit”. John immediately sits down and starts drawing anything he can remember from the visions.

When he’s done drawing John gathers the pack and tells them what he learned. John told Levenhart what they know about his son and how they have fought with him on several occasion this past year, things he already knew. When asked he told John that his blood is amongst the oldest in existence, dating several millennia back. He can’t tell them what tribe he is related to, in a way they would understand. His son didn’t choose to become a Black Spiral Dancer, and he wasn’t forced or turned against his will. Beringar is a Black Spiral who isn’t entirely controlled by the dance. In parts he is still a child of Gaia, and as such it was Gaia’s will that he should become a Black Spiral Dancer, knowing that he some day would meet his demise at the hands of this pack. Doing so he will not only fulfil his own destiny but also the destiny of this pack, which in turn will lead the pack to even greater events. Should they fail however the consequences will be devastating.

With this new information, the pack decides to leave L.A. They don’t go directly back to New York however. With some days left before the fullmoon, they make a stop in San Fransisco, where they stay for the night at Alice’s house. She is obviously happy to see them again. Before heading back to New York John decides that it is time, so he digs up his beloved guns, which have been safely buried in Alice’s garden since the trouble at Alcatraz.

Back in New York the pack breif Gentle about the new information, before heading out to Mt. Pocono. John makes a minor detour as he needs to speak with Larissa regarding the visions. Larissa does her best to help John, and she asks if he would kindly make a copy of the drawings, for her and Silver Tail. She promises him that nobody else will see these drawings.

Meanwhile in Europe

Without much warning Myrrdin suddenly finds himself alone and stranded on a hillside in Austria. Right now he doesn’t know when or even if the pack will return to help him on his quest. He has no other choice than to continue alone for now.

His first priority is to make sure that the Fortune Teller is ok. In order to do this he goes back to the police station in Gratz, to see wether or not she is still being detained. As Myrrdin have been involved in the latest incident at the tivoli, he won’t take any chances entering the station. He checks the building and the area from the Umbra and quickly locates the Fortune Teller. To get some more information about the situation in tivoli, Myrrdin locates and contacts some local Bone Gnawers, hoping that they might help him.

With some people on the inside, he quickly finds his answers. Right now the situation is far from under control. The supposed victim of the shooting hasn’t been shot, unlike what many witnesses said. The two shooters the found are both dead and several policemen have been injured. Not to mention the 6 suspects that somehow were involved, who nobody can describe enough so the police have a chance to find them again. It appears that the Fortune Teller has chosen to stay at the police station.

With assistance from the Bone Gnawers Myrrdin is able to smuggle the Fortune Teller’s deck of tarot cards into her cell. Myrrdin keeps a close eye on her afterwards and sees how she immediately unpacks the cards and start dealing them for herself. The second time she does it the cards reveal something to her, and she quickly gathers her things and exits the station. Outside on the street she finds Myrrdin waiting for her.

She is happy to se him again and obviously relieved that he’s ok. She tells him that she fears for her own life and she doesn’t feel safe neither here or at the tivoli. Myrrdin agrees to help her get away. Before they can go anywhere she needs to pick up some things from the tivoli. Taking a cab the trip to the tivoli and back doesn’t take long. Back in the city they check in at a hotel for the night. Before going to sleep Myrrdin contacts his father’s pack. They aren’t far from the city, so they agree to help with the Fortune Teller.

The next day Myrrdin and the Fortune Teller finds Gaerwyn’s pack at a specified location outside the city. The pack will bring her to a safe location and will make sure nothing happens to her until Myrrdin returns with or without his father. Before departing, Myrrdin talks with both the Fortune Teller and Gaerwyn’s pack. Myrrdin asks her some questions about the night three years ago. Gaerwyn didn’t tell her anything that Myrrdin can use in his search for his farther’s brother. Gaerwyn’s memory of the night and what happened was very clouded and filled with blank spots. The time Gaerwyn spend with the Fortune Teller, they mostly talked about who he was, and to some degree what he was. From what she tells Myrrdin, it is clear that his farther didn’t break any rules or laws doing this. What she knows of the truth that could have been an issue towards Gaerwyn, is information that she has discovered herself with the help of several spirits.

Before departing the pack gives Myrrdin some information he might be able to use in his search for his father’s brother, a map with some of the locations the pack visisted those years ago before his fathers crime. Following the map, Myrrdin learns that he needs to travel to the Balkans to continue the search.

Over the next ten days, Myrrdin travels the countryside the Serbia and the neighbouring countries in serahc for any evidence that might help him locate his target. On several occasions he finds the help of some local spirits, who guides him in the right direction. After days of searching, Myrrdin travels to the city of Beograd, where he believes his father’s brother is located.

Having walked through the streets of the city for some hours, Myrrdin suddenly realizes that he is being followed. He hides in a small alley and sidesteps to get a look at the person following him. After a few second a woman he hasn’t seen before walk by. She is obviously looking for him, while talking in a telephone. When she continues, Myrrdin steps back and follows her down the street.

The woman walk through the crowds of people filling the street. She stops outside a small café where she exchanges a few words with a couple of broadshouldered security guards, before she enters the café. One of the guards looks directly at Myrrdin. He calls out to the guards, asking them what they want. One of them says something in a language he doesn’t understand, while the other opens the door to the café. After hesitating for a few seconds Myrrdin walks through the door. The café is filled with people, the air is thick with the smell of coffee and cigarettes. One of the guards points towards a staircase and looks at Myrrdin “up”… closer inspection reveals that the stairs leads to an terace on the roof of the building. Myrrdin starts climbing the staircase followed by the two guards.

The terace is filled with people just like the café. At the far side of the terace, Myrrdin easily spots the three guards standing side by side, shielding the person behind them from the rest of the guests. Myrrdin hesitates for a second, and is gently pushed in this direction by the guards behind him.

When Myrrdin approaches the table the three guards step aside, making room for Myrrdin to sit at the table. Seated at the table is a man wearing a wide brimmed hat and a pair of large sunglasses. As Myrrdin sits the man looks up from his meal and removes his sunglasses. There is no doubt in Myrrdin’s eyes, the man look so much like his father that he can be nothing but hiw twin. As the first seconds pass in silence Myrrdin studies the man closely and begins to see the small differences between him and his father. His eyes have an unnatural dark glow, his face is worn and scared and it seems like it is constantly shrouded in darkness and the hat covers his pointy, hairy ears. He takes a drink, and with a piercing and annoying voice he says:

L: Welcome to Beograd my dear nephew… Hungry?
M:No thanks… a glass of water maybe?

He talks to one of the guards in a foreign language, and he hands Myrrdin a glass of water.

L:I see you travel alone, whatever happened to those yankees?
M: What are you?
L: (laughs) that a rather stupid question. I thought you would have figured it out by now. Well i guess we know who’s the smartest brother… by the way, have you heard anything from your father recently?
M: You know that I haven’t… I have come here to correct the injustice that has befallen my father.
The smile on his face disappears and his tone suddenly changes to a deep and serious note.
L: And you really think you’re going to succeed?I know that neither you nor your dad are amongst the brightest wolves, but I had honestly expected more from you. So unless you’ve got some magic trick up your sleeve, you just might as well follow your yankee buddies across the atlantic, because you will not get anything done here

He looks at one of the guards, and says something which is obviously funny, as the guards start laughing.

M: I actually hope that I would be proven wrong… i’ve always wanted more family… but I doubt that I will find it here. Would you at least do me one favor, and tell me what happened that night where my father lost everything?
_L: Well, if you came here looking for Gaerwyn, then you’re right… but hey (broad smile)… you found me. And even though I would have a lot of things to offer, I think we’re all better off if we accept the truth. You and I are never going to be working together, sadly that is, it would have been fun. I see a lot of potential in you kid.

He says something to one of the guards, who then leaves the terrace.

L: If you are thinking about the night at the carnival, I don’t know anything you haven’t already learned. Your father lost control and frenzied. He got his punishment like he deserved and that’s the end of that. And no matter what you and your yankee buddies are up to, you won’t be able to changes the past and you sure as hell can’t do anything about the future. What’s done is done and the apocalypse is at hand. Sooner or later you’re going to have to realize that you can’t win.

M: You said I have potential. What could i become?
L: The sky is the limit kid. If you’re father hadn’t been so god damn boring, you’re situation today would have been completely different.

The guard returns and whisppers something in his ear.

L: Well Myrrdin, as much fun as this is I have to get going.

He stands up and puts on his jacket

L: A final words of advice…If you wan’t to live, leave the country. If you wan’t to be safe, leave Europe. If I ever see you again, I can’t guarantee for your safety. I will let you live today, because whether you like or not, you are family. Next time, even your precious mother earth won’t be able to save you.

He puts on his sunglasses and walks around the table.

M: How can you live with yourself? How can you make others carry the blame for your actions? I never thought I would be ashamed of my blood.. but I see now that you are not of my blood! May Gaia show you mercy.

He starts laughing as he walks past Myrrdin. He takes a few steps before he stops and turns around.

L: Gaia can’t and won’t show me mercy, never has never will. Frankly she has never done anything for me… ever.

He continues towards the stairs surrounded by his guards, speaking to Myrrdin over his shoulder.

L: I hope this is the last time we will meet Myrrdin, I’ll remeber to say hi to your father if I see him first.

As he steps down the stairs he stops one last time and looks at Myrrdin with a smirk on his face.

L: And say hi to your aunt from me…

Myrrdin waits a few seconds before following his uncle and the guards. Having left the café, they walk down the street and climb into to old Hummers. Myrrdin follows to the outskirts of the city, where they enter and old abandoned army base. Myrrdin keeps a close watch on them from the umbra. Ath the base they are met by several guards waiting, by more hummers and an old helicopter. After a few minutes another car arrives at the base. The woman who followed him earlier steps out, and boards the helicopter along with his uncle. One by one the cars and the helicopter leave the army base.

Myrddin spends the following days trying to keep track of his uncle’s location, making him travel far and wide yet again. Later he recieves a call from Johnathan. Myrrdin updates Johnathan on his situation, and tells him that he would very much still like help from the pack if possible. Johnathan promises to talk to the pack about helping Myrrdin, once the moot at the next full moon is over, and the pack have recieved their punishment.

Friday, June 23, 2005

Every Garou present in New York have been summoned to the moot, which is opened by Simon Gentle. The spirit is high and several challenges are placed between different Garou.

Mother Larissa and Simon Francis Smith calls the pack forth one by one, introducing them to the rest of the sept. Larissa prepares a ritaul while simon announces the judgement.

Larissa conjures a necklace for each member of the pack. They must wear this at all times until the next full moon. The necklace will show any Garou that they have failed Gaia and that they have been punished for doing so. Whenever they meet a Garou outside the sept, they must this and tell them the following story:

We travelled towards the realm of Malfeas, in fear that we might lose two members of our pack in that Gaia forsaken, wyrm ridden place. Standing before the entrance the the unholy realm, we were confronted by a beast of the Black Spiral. A foe so mighty, not even a united pack like ours could defeat it, even with the help of two fellow brave Garou soldiers.

The beast showed its true purpose by releasing our two companions, whom we thought to be lost. Speaking with a cursed tongue, the beast enthralled our minds and convinced us to make a deal with it. We would go our seperate ways neither side drawing blood. With nothing but the false promise that we would be given the chance to battle and destroy the beast sometime in the future.

For this deal and for the lack of acting true to the Litany in the face of certain death, Gaia has chosen the Garou Nation to deliver our punishment.

While wearing the necklace, any member of the pack cannot claim the rank of Fostern. They will be known as cubs, and as such will have no right to seek help from any Garou, if that Garou chooses not to help them. Furthermore they will not be able to participate in any Rites of Renown or Caern Rites while wearing the necklace.

To the sound of drums and Larissa walk from one member to the next, haning it around their necks. While doing so she tells them, that the necklace willl follow them in any form, and they can only be removed by her and her alone, at the next full moon.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

The pack are gathered at Mt. Pocono. John arrives in the morning and updates them about the talk he had with Myrrdin earlier. After a breif talk, they all decide to go back to Europe to help him.

John contacts Myrrdin again, and learns that he currently is in Hungary, where he believes his uncle is. John quickly arranges for the pack to take a flight to Paris and from there to Budapest where they will meet up with Myrrdin.


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