Heroes of Mt. Pocono

Part XI - The Boston Case

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Downtime VI - Max' Journey

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Downtime VI - A Time of Learning & understanding.

Summer – 2005

As the New Moon reaches the top of the sky high above Central Park, New York, the Sept of the Green gathers for a moot. For once it is a moot of good news and celebration. Among others Jonathan has the privilege and honor to finally announce that he has chosen a mate, Emily Watson. A chorus of howls congratulating the couple echoes through the park, and many more follow as the festivities continues until the crack of dawn.

For the next couple of weeks it is more or less business as usual. Emily has moved in with the pack at Mt. Pocono, as work continues designing the expansion and upgrade to the house and surrounding areas, to make it more suitable and safe for the pack and their kinfolk. Shaira is helping the Sept by taking his share of Guard duties at the Caern, as well as what other duties they might need help with. Faileas is also busy spending time with the Sept, as he continues running with the Bone Gnawers, getting to know every street, ally and park in the city. Meanwhile Corriuch finds himself in an unusual situation, as he has begun studying to learn how to read, write and how to use a computer. Luckily he has help from Jonathan in his studies making it somewhat easier for him to spend three months behind a desk.

One day, some unexpected visitors drops by… Downtime VI – Max’ Journey

Fall – 2005

After months of preparations Charlie starts working on upgrading the farm, with the help of several kinfolk from the city. Jonathan spends what time he has assisting Charlie with the work. However he spends and increasing amount of time in Emily’s company, as they are “celebrating” their new relationship. To help the progress, Jonathan successfully creates a small fertility charm for Emily.

Shaira has finished his Sept duties, and has begun to focus on his own priorities, learning some new Rites while meditating to become even more connected to Mother Gaia and Luna. Meanwhile he prepares himself for a spirit journey, that will take him to the the farthest regions of Massachusetts, as he plans to visit the area around Salem, in search of knowledge and understanding of occultism.

Corriuch has chosen to use his newly learned skills, to become more associated with the human culture. His plan is simply to find someone with connection to the police, he can use for gathering information regarding Wyrm activity in the city. With the help of Faileas and some of the local Gnawers, he starts surveying police activity in different locations in hope that he can find something or someone of interest. After a few uneventful weeks, a young woman, working as a forensic pathologist, catches his interest. Her name is Mary Ward. Feeling somewhat drawn towards her, Corriuch keeps a close eye on her for several weeks, including a subtle visit to her apartment (with the help of Faileas), before he decides to make a move. He locates her in a small pub, not far from her home, where she’s having a drink with one of her colleagues from work. As a rookie in human society, and especially regarding socializing with anything that isn’t Garou, Corriuch hardly knows what to do or where to start, so he turns to the one thing that usually woks for him (regarding the opposite gender), raw untamed animal attraction. Luckily for Corriuch it appears to have the wanted effect on Mary, who turns her attention towards Corriuch. They end up spending the night together and many more in the weeks to come.

As each week goes by, Faileas spends more and more time with not only the Bone Gnawers but also Mother Larissa and Silas. Larissa and Silas involves Faileas more and more in the daily assignments of the sept, as it is their plan that Faileas in time shall take Silas’ position at Mother Larissa’s side.

Winter – 2005/2006

Having finished his research Shaira travels towards Salem on his spirit journey. He goes alone with Gaia at his side and the Stag watching his steps. Time is not of the essence in this situation, so he plans to spend what time he needs in order to gain the wanted knowledge, though he estimates it will take at least three months.

Corriuch’s interest in his newly found female friend, was initially for “business” purpose. But as the weeks go by and he gets to know her more and more, he finds it hard to ignore the growing feelings.

to be continued

Part X - The Lost Cause: Return of the father

Sunday, June 25, 2005

The plane sets down early in the morning. On the outskirts of Budapest the pack meet Myrrdin. He still believes that his uncle is located somewhere in the vicinity of the city. Before entering the city they announce their arrival, and once again there is no answer. The pack drives around the city in a rented Land Rover, trying to decide what to do.

After some time of driving, they pass a suspicious looking, discolored military jeep for the second time. There are two passengers in the car, both big european guys with short hair, and in old military outfits. John checks the adress where the jeep is located and discovers that it is parked outside a small hotel. The guest list show nothing of interest.

While using Rite of the Questing Stone, Myrrdin discovers that his uncle haft left this side of the world. Entering the Umbra and questing again, he believes his uncle has gone deeper into the Umbra. Being unable to track him further, the pack decides that they have no other clues than the jeep outside the hotel, and drives back to the location to check the place out.

Parked in front of the hotel, Myrrdin and John enters and checks in. Once in their room, John starts hacking the system, while Myrrdin checks the place out on the umbra. After some time without finding anything, John receives a text from Max. Another car have pulled up to the hotel, and a woman has entered the hotel. John locates the woman’s room to see what he can discover, while Max gets the license plate from the car.

Suddenly the jeep with the two guys takes off in a hurry. The Land Rover with Max, Shaira, Faileas and Courrich, follows them. The cars get on the highway and heads south out of the city. After a few minutes of driving, Max realizes that they are almost out of gas.

Meanwhile John and Myrrdin locates the woman’s room, and checks it out. But they find neither clues nor the woman herself, which in John’s mind is somewhat suspicious. John heads towards the roof while Myrrdin runs outside, to see if she left the hotel again. Myrrdin can’t find the woman, he does however recognize two of the guards he met some days ago, while talking with his uncle in Beograd. The guards are sitting in a vehicle across the road, and haven’t seen Myrrdin until he tears the driverside door off the car and pulls the driver out into the street. A fight erupts with the two guards, and within seconds a few civilians interferes trying to help the guards. Luckily for Myrrdin he manages to escape the trouble and leave the site in the guards’ car.
John has reached the roof and quickly finds Myrrdin driving down the street and the two guards, who are now hiding behind a car. He calls Myrrdin and tells him to keep driving. He takes out the two guards using a trickshot and a streetlight. Afterwards he goes down to the street, steals the guards’ phone before he runs down to the nearest McDonalds where he stays low. As Myrrdin leaves the city he calls John and tells him that he has found the trace of his uncle.

On the highway the pack’s car hasn’t been noticed, as they reach the first gas station. Luckily for them, the car they are following also pulls into the station. Max does his best to keep away from the guys in the other car, but as he’s waiting in line to pay, one of the guards from the car enters the store, and he obviously recognizes Max. The guards take off with the pack right behind them. Shaira calls John and they update each other on the situations.

When the situation at the hotel has cooled down, John takes a bus to the closest airport, where he rents another car and heads south to pick up Myrrdin, who has left the car he borrowed from the guards.

Driving down the highway at a great speed, the pack’s car has caught up with the guards. Max pulls the car up close and uses True Fear. The driver panics, looses control of the car, it flies of the road and crashes in the ditch. Both passengers are dead, so they take any gear and identification, that might help them further, before continuing down the highway.

John and Myrrdin later catches up with the rest of the pack at a small motel, where they stay for the night.

Monday, June 26, 2005

The pack starts the day by trying to decide what to do, when or if they eventually are able to catch Myrrdin’s uncle, whom they by now know is named Liam.

Having discussed the matter with Christopher in Stonehenge, they have learned that there is only one Caern in Europe, from which they will be able to take a moonbridge to Stonehenge, at the moment. Due to low staffing the Sept at Stonehenge, can’t open a new moonbridge. The bridge which already is open, is from a Get of Fenris Caern deep in the woods of southern Germany. Christopher allows the pack to bring a possibly tainted Garou (Liam) back to Stonehenge by a moonbridge, as long as they themselves can guarantee for the safety of the Caern and Sept, if a situation would arise. The pack immediately sends the Stag towards the GoF Caern, bringing a message; they would like to ask permission of the sept, firstly to bring Liam to the caern and secondly to use the moonbridge, to travel to Stonehenge with Liam.

Having packed what little gear they have, the pack later takes off south in the direction of Liam. Using Rite of the Questing Stone the pack continues the search for him. After a few hours of driving, Myrrdin realizes that he has been to this area before. While the pack was back in New York and Myrrdin searched for Liam alone, he passed through this same area and specifically a small village not far from where they are now. This is also the village where Gaerwyn’s pack were ambushed three years ago, and now it seems that Liam is located close to the village.

With Max and John as drivers in each car, the pack continues towards the village. Shortly after having entered the village, the cars are hit by gunfire from several locations. Without hesitation they turn the cars around and drive back the way they came. They find the road blocked by two cars. John crashes into one of them, while Max takes a hard turn down a narrow sideroad. He looses control a few seconds later and crashes the car. They all jump out of the cars and spread out in search of the attackers.

Corriuch has barely left the car, before he is hit but luckily only lightly wounded. John however notices that Corriuch has been hit and recognizes that it could only be a sniper that could have made the shot. He finds the snipers location and tries to take him out. Corriuch is back on his feet and chases one of the shooters into a building where he takes him out and continues searching for more shooters.
Shaira heads for the roof of one of the buildings, underway he takes out one of the shooters with the axe.

Down in the street the shooting intensifies, and John is hit several times. Myrrdin reacts quickly and heals John. Meanwhile Shaira has reached the roof of the building. He jumps to the next building where he kills another enemy.

Suddenly they hear a helicopter taking off somewhere in the village. John immediately runs to the nearest roof, and using yet another trickshot, he forces the helicopter to crash on the outskirts of the village. Corriuch is chasing some enemies further down the street with Shaira and Faileas on his tail. At the end of the street they see several enemies including Liam, leaving in two cars. They take out the remaining enemies, before Max and Myrrdin catches up with them and they take off after Liam in a stolen car.
Meanwhile John is trying to locate the crashed helicopter from the rooftops. Having jumped across several buildings, he finally spots the crashsite. The only passenger and pilot is both dead. He sees no trace of other passengers, so he jumps down to the street, to find a car and follows the rest of the pack.

Night is falling as the cars leave the mountains after an hour of driving, and continue down the highway. Soon the car with Max, Shaira, Faileas, Corriuch and Myrrdin catches up with the two cars. One of the cars slows down, and two of the passengers starts shooting towards the car driven by Max, without doing any real damage. Suddenly the two cars turn away from the road and drives across the field. Max follows but as John tries to do the same he hits the roadguard and he is forced to stop the car if he doesn’t want to crash. He jumps out, pulls out his sniper rifle and starts tracking the two cars. He shoots a tire on the front car, but somehow the driver manages to keep control of the car. However none of the drivers have seen the big ditch in the field, and both cars crash almost simultaneously. Max is able to stop his car short of the ditch, and the pack jumps out, chasing after the enemies which left the crashed cars. Meanwhile John starts searching for Liam through his scope.
As they reach the crashed cars they see that two enemies are left. Max goes to Crinos and lands on the roof of the car, flattening it and taking out the last enemy in the car. Shaira runs to the other car and deals with the remaining passenger. Corriuch and Myrrdin runs across the field hunting for the remaining enemies and especially Liam.

Coming closer they realize that they have entered an old and abandoned airport. In the distance they can see the empty and dark building, several gate walkways stick out from the main building, and to the side stands a small observational tower. All across the area, nature has started to take over. The tarmac is cracked and filled with holes, and on several locations trees and wildlife has overgrown the building.

John decides to take a chance. He sidesteps to see if he can locate Liam on the other side. He sees a humanoid figure, shrouded in darkness. It appears that the darkness is following the figure. He shoots twice into the darkness, and it looks like a piece of it falls off. The figure immediately disappears from the Umbra. Unfortunately John’s presence on the Umbra has attracted something very unpleseant. John can feel the cold coming closer, and he sees a black spirit like essence appearing before him. It clings to him and he can feel how it slowly burns its way through his clothes. He senses how the creature opens it’s mouth trying to engulf him head first. With his last shread of focus he manages to tear himself free causing great pain and damage, before he sidesteps back.

On the other side, the rest of the pack spots a figure as it comes out of the Umbra. It jumps up into one of the gate walkways. Corriuch and Myrrdin follows the figure, while Max turns left to flank it. Shaira follows the same route going under the walkway. As John leaves the Umbra, he sees that he’s too far away to do much good, so he jumps into his car and drives towards the airport.

Running along the walkway, Myrrdin is assualted from above, by a Black Spiral Dancer. Corriuch hears this and turns around to help him. As Corriuch reaches Myrrdin, he sees that he has been severly injured and lays unconscious on the floor.

Max is running alongside the main building, when another Dancer comes jumping out at him through a large glass facade. In a shower of glass and Dancer claws, Max is badly wounded and knocked out. Luckily Shaira sees this and reacts quickly. He springs foward and cleaves the Dancer with the axe.

Corriuch reaches the Dancer which attacked Myrrdin, before he has a chance to finish him off. They start brawling with teeth and claw before Corriuch is overpowered and ends up beneath the Dancer. Above him he can see how yet another Black Spiral is coming towards him. Meanwhile Faileas has reached the wounded Myrrdin, and awakens him, with the help of Mothers Touch.

Shaira sees that Corriuch is pinned and about to be attacked by another Dancer. He goes into Hispo, and sprints foward at great speed. He just manages to intercept the newly arrived Dancer, before it can attack. Corriuch uses this as a distraction and finishes the Dancer on top of him. He then jumps up to help Shaira finish the other one.

Myrrdin is back on his feet, and ready to react when he hears Shaira call out, that Max is wounded. He runs to his side and heals him. Faileas starts running along the perimeter, still searching for Liam.

John has reached the airport and starts surveying the area trying to locate the pack. However the route he has chosen sends him the wrong way across a series of security spikes, which puntures all four tires on the car. He only barely misses a large tree as the car skids to a halt. As he jumps out he realizes that the tree was more than just a tree, as a Black Spiral appears with a klaive in hand. With his first strike he not only hits John, but also takes off a large piece of the car and the cardoor. John quickly puts three bullets in the Dancer’s chest, who reacts by roaring at him in pain and anger. Though the damage isn’t big, it is just enough to give John time to draw his klaive and finish the Dancer with a single blow to the head.

Faileas sees that John’s damage is quite severe, and runs to help him. John asks Faileas to go with him to the Umbra, to search for Liam again. When they can’t see him there, they immediately return. Myrrdin runs into the airport in search for Liam, with Max on his tail. Meanwhile in the walkway Shaira and Corriuch is still fighting the lone Dancer, who appears to be a more powerful foe than expected. The Dancer is even able to knock out Corriuch before it is killed by Shaira. He then picks up the unconscious Corriuch, and runs towards Faileas.

John starts looking through his scope again, to locate any enemies. He sees two and shoots one of them, who then disappears, most likely into the Umbra. The second enemy runs into the airport before John has any time to shoot him. John decides that he needs to get to higher ground to get a better overview. He runs to the nearest control tower and starts climbing.

Inside the airport, Myrrdin has found the scent of his uncle. They are running up flight of stairs, when a Black Spiral suddenly emerges out of nowhere and attacks Max. Max manages to dodge and the Dancer soars through the air and lands so hard on the floor behind Max, that it collapses. Max quickly gets to his feet and jumps after the Dancer finishing it before it gets off the ground.

Myrrdin has reached the roof of the building, and is still searching when he suddenly senses Liam appearing behind him. Before he can react however, Liam puts a sword through his chest and leaves him on the roof to die. As Max reaches the roof seconds later, Liam is already running towards the edge of the roof. He jumps, swings the sword once and disappears midair. As Liam jumps Max sees that he appears to be wering a cape of darkness which seems to have its own will. Without hesitation Max jumps after him and sidesteps. When entering the Umbra Max can see how it appears that Liam is now fightning with the darkness while falling, before he leaves the Umbra again.

On the other side, the rest of the pack hears how Liam leaves the Umbra screaming, and shrouded in darkness. When he lands hard on the ground, he hasn’t got time to do anything before he is surrounded by the darkness. The darkness materializes a large spear and impales Liam from behind. John starts shooting into the darkness, but he only discovers that the darkness doesn’t appears to be affected by his bullets. Max followed Liam to the Umbra and back, and he now lands in the middle of the darkness. It immediately pulls away from him, in several directions. When Shaira, Faileas and Corriuch reaches Max, the darkness has disappeared down an old sewer.

Faileas is immediately send up to Myrrdin by Max, and he heals him with Mothers Touch. Afterwards the pack gather around Liam’s body. There is no doubt that he is dead and can’t be saved. Myrrdin confirms that it indeed is his uncle, whom he talked to in Beograd.

After drawing their breath for a few minutes, and checking to make sure that everybody’s okay, they start talking about what their next move is going to be. First priority is to contact the Stag, to get an answer from the Get of Fenris Sept. The answer is, that even though they aren’t actually welcome to the Caern, they will allow the pack to enter. Regarding using the moonbridge, they will deal with that, when or if the pack eventually do enter the Caern.

Tuesday, June 27, 2005

It is past midnight, as the pack slowly walks across the dark field away from the airport. First priority is to get away from the area and hopefully Serbia as well. Checking the three remaining cars, they start preparing. Flipping one car over, changing a tire, removing the windshield and fixing a few dents, they are able to get one of the enemies cars ready as well as the one Max drove earlier. Making sure that there is enough gas on both cars, they drive towards Beograd.

As soon as John is in the vicinty of an internet connection, they pull over. Firstly he deletes any evidence regarding the two rental cars, which are now parked/crashed/shot to pieces, in the village. Secondly he starts searching for ways to get an airplane, which will fly them from Beograd to London, as quickly as possible. One of the companies he checks out, can have a plane ready within 12 hours. This is approved by the pack, and he then immediately starts creating the necessary papers to get them all safely and legally back to London.

To avoid attracting attention, the pack decides not to drive directly to Beograd in two stolen, beaten up military vehicles. Having parked a few miles away, John runs to the airport, where he rents a simple van. With the pack and Liam in the back, they drive back to Beograd to make several quick stops. John gets some new clothes, they get something to eat and they go past a funeral home, to get a coffin for Liam. Afterwards they go out to the airport, to make sure they are there in good time, to catch their flight.
The pack sends a message to the GoF Sept, thanking them for their offer, but also letting them know they won’t be needing their help anyway. They also send a message to Christopher in Stonehenge, telling him that they have located Liam and that he unfortunately is dead. They have however found safe return to London and expect to arrive later this afternoon.

In the airport the pack goes easily through security checks and customs, and boards the plane without any incidents. When they finally sit down in the seats after a long and hard night, they are all overwhelmed by exhaustion, and they all fall asleep before the plane has taken off.

As they leave the plane in London, a car is waiting for the coffin. It is taken to the city with the pack right behind it. The coffin is intercepted by two Glasswalkers, who makes sure it is transported to Stonehenge. Meanwhile the pack takes care of a few personal agendas.

John gets in touch with some Glasswalker contacts, to get a hold of some new gear which will need to be dedicated later. Myrrdin goes to the safehouse where the Fortune Teller is located. He enters the house with Shaira and Corriuch. Max goes down to a small diner to get something to eat, which he enjoys in a nearby park.

Meanwhile Faileas goes for a run and decides to go to Hyde Park, where he contacts Billy on the Umbra. Billy approaches Faileas when he hears the call. He seems relaxed and actually happy to see Faileas, but he asks him about the punishment, they have heard about from Stonehenge. Faileas does as he has been told and explains. When Faileas has confirmed to Billy, that he is more than welcome to invite him inside, he does so. They talk for a while, Billy’s asking questions about the trip to Malfeas. On more than one occasion Billy mentions Gargoyles. When Faileas finally ask him about this, he learns that the Gargoyle that was located in the museum, was stolen last sunday. Under more or less suspicious circumstances.

John makes a stop at Patrick’s house, where they talk about the pack’s trip to the Balkans and the fight at the airport. Before leaving, he get’s some more silver bullets. Later the pack gather at the park where Max is still waiting. Faileas tells the others about the Gargoyle. While driving towards Stonehenge John talks with Patrick about the stolen Gargoyle, without learning anything of any interest.

When the pack arrives at Stonehenge, they are invited inside by Christopher. In the longhall sits the coffin containing Liam. Myrrdin tells his story, assisted by different testimonies from the pack regarding specific witnesses and pieces of evidence. Myrrdin makes another Rite of the Questing Stone searching for his father. Unlike his previous attempts, this time he can actually sense a direction. Christopher says that the best thing they can do now, is wait and see if Gaerwyn would eventually return to the Caern.

Myrrdin can’t find rest, and a few hours later he starts questing again. This time however he hasn’t got time to finish, before he hears his father calling out his name. He runs to him and embraces him. Even though he hasn’t seen him for more than three years, Myrrdin is still surprised, when he sees what he looks like. There is no doubt that it is his father, even though he looks more like Liam than the old Gaerwyn. They exchange a few words, before entering the camp.

As they enter Christopher immediately exits the longhall and goes over to greet them. He speaks privately with Gaerwyn for a few seconds, before leading him into the longhall. A few minutes later Christopher exits and approaches Myrrdin and John. He tells them, that if they wan’t to do something about this matter, they need to do it now. But to do so, Christopher needs more men. He asks them to go north in search of Gaerwyn’s pack, as they are going to need them.

John wakes up the sleeping members of the pack, and they leave at once. They drive for a couple of hours, before they reach the area where Myrrdin’s questing rite told him, they would be located. He calls out to his father’s pack, but is answered by different voice. A few minutes later they meet a Fianna pack none of them have seen before. The Fiannas tell Myrrdin that they have been running with Gaerwyn’s pack for the last few days, hunting a group of Wyrm agents. However as the enemies went in different directions the two packs were seperated, and the Fiannas haven’t heard from them the last 24 hours. They should however be located in the woods north of their current position. The Fiannas give the pack a final warning before departing. If they chose to take the shortest route through the woods, they need to be careful. There are multiple enemies in the area in form of both Black Spirals and different fomori. As John aren’t able to change form at the moment, he continues north in the car with Faileas at his side, while the rest of the pack runs north through the woods.

They havn’t run for long, before they pass a track where something hideous obviously have been travelling. They decide to continue as they are in a hurry. Suddenly the forest stops and they more or less stumble into a small camp of Wyrm soldiers, and before they know it they are fighting. They send a message to Faileas and John through the Stag, and John immediately takes the first roadlike path he can, and drives into the woods heading straight for the pack.

The “attack” comes to such a surprise for the enemy, that the pack clearly have momentum, even though they are outnumbered. Besides this they are obviously more powerful than the enemies so they are quickly defeated one by one, and in some cases even two at a time. The last remaining fomori decides to save his own hide and tries to escape. He is however stopped as something huge steps out of the surrounding darkness and impales him with a large sword. The fomori is tossed aside and the figure steps into the light, while turning into Homid form. As the transformation is complete, Myrrdin realizes that he is looking at his farther for the second time that night.
A few seconds later the camp is illuminated by light, as the car with John and Faileas arrives. John steps out of the car and takes one look at the person in front of Myrrdin. As he sees the sword Gaerwyn is holding in his hand, he realizes the mistake they have made and what they have to do. He jumps into the car and turns it around back the way he came from. Shaira manages to yell to him before he, Corriuch and Max sets of through the woods, that they will meet him halfway to be picked up.
Myrrdin stands frozen to the ground for a few seconds looking into the eyes of his father. Tears are swelling up inside him. Gaerwyn looks at his son and points in the direction of the pack. “maybe we should go after them?”.

to be concluded

Downtime V - As the moon grows full

Wednesday, June 14 – Thursday, June 22. 2005

The pack uses the first couple of days to do some of the chores they haven’t done for some time. Corriuch and Shaira makes some visits to the Irish neighborhood, still on the lookout for kinfolk. The pack also spends some time hunting and training together at Mt. Pocono.

Corriuch seeks assistance from Mother Larissa in the search of any information regarding the Black Spiral Dancer. Larissa has already made some preperations after the trial. Having talked with several Galliards of this and other septs, she has been able to gather a numerous collection of books containing many Garou legends. With the help of a couple of Bone Gnawers Corriuch starts the long process of going through the books looking for answers.

On the third day Corriuch finally makes a discovery. One of the Bone Gnawers coincidentally drops one of the books he had just finished browsing. As Corricuh reaches over to pick the book up he glances at the pages and sees a familiar face. He looks closer and discovers that the Garou who have been sketched on the page, is the first registered Garou in an ancient family of Germanic descent, bearing the name Bartholomaus.

With the family name, Corriuch quickly finds a book containing more records of the family including the family tree. The record of the family goes back several centuries, with details of a very large family. As time passes the amount of family members decrease rapidly, ending abruptly with a man named Levenhart Bartholomaus. When he finds a drawing of the young Levenhart, Corriuch realizes that he is the gardener they met at the Glasswalker mansion in Los Angeles. This information in somewhat disturbing, as the record shows that Levenhart was born more than 300 years ago.

As time goes by Levenhart is married thrice. All three wives die during childbirth, along with their unborn children. It is only his fourth wife who by the grace of Gaia gives birth to his first and only son, before she dies. His son is born in the year 1820 and is given the name Beringar Bartholomaus.

Searching for the son Corriuch soon finds a drawing depicting him, showing him without doubt that this is indeed the Black Spiral Dancer. However he can’t find any evidence about what happened to him. The records of the family ends before Beringar becomes of age, leaving no further trace of him or his father. By order of Larissa, the two Bone Gnawers will continue searching the books for any evidence of Levenhart and his son.

Corriuch returns to Mt. Pocono where he reports this new information to the pack. They talk about what they can and will do. They quickly decide that they have to go to Los Angeles in search for Levenhart. They need to talk to him if they want to learn more about his son, and if they are lucky they may be able to convince him to travel back to New York with them. The pack immediately drives to the city to talk with Simon Gentle. They quickly brief him about their new plan, and he gives them permission to travel to Los Angeles, letting them know what will happen if they haven’t returned within the next full moon.

The pack goes to the airport and boards a Glasswalker jet flying straight to a private airstrip outside Los Angeles. At the airstrip a car awaits their arrival and it takes them directly to the Glasswalker headquarters, where they are met by Roger Flegg Hoffman. After the initial greetings Roger introduces the pack to a Glasswalker named David Cooper. David is one of the elders from L.A. who have returned to the city recently from the war in Europe.

Sitting in Rogers office, the pack asks how things are going in the city. Roger tells them that after David has returned they are starting to get the city under control. David is former Master of War in the sept, and currently he’s the single most experienced Garou in their ranks regarding warfare and tactics. He has organized and mobilized the Garou in the city, and he has been able to recruit reinforcements from near and far. Shaira asks if Roger has seen the gardener recently or if he knows where they can find him. Roger hasn’t seen him for the last couple of days, but they are of course more than welcome to contact him and talk with him if they want.

The pack continues talking with Roger while John steps outside in the garden to look for Levenhart. He can’t find him anywhere, so he sidesteps and starts preparing a Rite of Summoning. Being in a bit of a hurry, he choses to be quick about the preperations and instead uses the gardener’s name to summon him.

Meanwhile the rest of the pack are done talking with Roger, so they leave the mansion in search for John and Levenhart. Faeleas quickly locates John on the Umbra, and recognizes that he is in the middle of a rite. The pack leave him alone and keeps looking for Levenhart.

John manages to summon Levenhart or so it seems. It quickly becomes clear to John that the “spirit” that contacts him chose to do so, partly because it was annoyed that someone used his real name to find him, without his permission. John asks for forgiveness and tells him that they desperately need his help. He asks him some questions about his son which he more or less answers. John then asks for proof regarding the claims his son made, that he needs to die by the hand of the pack. Levenhart knows this is true, but he cannot give John any real proof. Neither can he go with the pack to New York to testify at their judgement. John presses his luck a bit and keeps insists that Levenharts needs to do something which will bring if not peace, then at least understanding to Johnathan’s heart. Levenhart hears the sincerity in John’s voice and sees the weight of it in his eyes. He offers John the one thing he can do, to show him the truth. Realizing that this is probably the only thing he will ever get out of him, John accepts. The visions that flash before his eyes are many, and they are indeed both reassuring and troubling. When the visions disappear so does the “spirit”. John immediately sits down and starts drawing anything he can remember from the visions.

When he’s done drawing John gathers the pack and tells them what he learned. John told Levenhart what they know about his son and how they have fought with him on several occasion this past year, things he already knew. When asked he told John that his blood is amongst the oldest in existence, dating several millennia back. He can’t tell them what tribe he is related to, in a way they would understand. His son didn’t choose to become a Black Spiral Dancer, and he wasn’t forced or turned against his will. Beringar is a Black Spiral who isn’t entirely controlled by the dance. In parts he is still a child of Gaia, and as such it was Gaia’s will that he should become a Black Spiral Dancer, knowing that he some day would meet his demise at the hands of this pack. Doing so he will not only fulfil his own destiny but also the destiny of this pack, which in turn will lead the pack to even greater events. Should they fail however the consequences will be devastating.

With this new information, the pack decides to leave L.A. They don’t go directly back to New York however. With some days left before the fullmoon, they make a stop in San Fransisco, where they stay for the night at Alice’s house. She is obviously happy to see them again. Before heading back to New York John decides that it is time, so he digs up his beloved guns, which have been safely buried in Alice’s garden since the trouble at Alcatraz.

Back in New York the pack breif Gentle about the new information, before heading out to Mt. Pocono. John makes a minor detour as he needs to speak with Larissa regarding the visions. Larissa does her best to help John, and she asks if he would kindly make a copy of the drawings, for her and Silver Tail. She promises him that nobody else will see these drawings.

Meanwhile in Europe

Without much warning Myrrdin suddenly finds himself alone and stranded on a hillside in Austria. Right now he doesn’t know when or even if the pack will return to help him on his quest. He has no other choice than to continue alone for now.

His first priority is to make sure that the Fortune Teller is ok. In order to do this he goes back to the police station in Gratz, to see wether or not she is still being detained. As Myrrdin have been involved in the latest incident at the tivoli, he won’t take any chances entering the station. He checks the building and the area from the Umbra and quickly locates the Fortune Teller. To get some more information about the situation in tivoli, Myrrdin locates and contacts some local Bone Gnawers, hoping that they might help him.

With some people on the inside, he quickly finds his answers. Right now the situation is far from under control. The supposed victim of the shooting hasn’t been shot, unlike what many witnesses said. The two shooters the found are both dead and several policemen have been injured. Not to mention the 6 suspects that somehow were involved, who nobody can describe enough so the police have a chance to find them again. It appears that the Fortune Teller has chosen to stay at the police station.

With assistance from the Bone Gnawers Myrrdin is able to smuggle the Fortune Teller’s deck of tarot cards into her cell. Myrrdin keeps a close eye on her afterwards and sees how she immediately unpacks the cards and start dealing them for herself. The second time she does it the cards reveal something to her, and she quickly gathers her things and exits the station. Outside on the street she finds Myrrdin waiting for her.

She is happy to se him again and obviously relieved that he’s ok. She tells him that she fears for her own life and she doesn’t feel safe neither here or at the tivoli. Myrrdin agrees to help her get away. Before they can go anywhere she needs to pick up some things from the tivoli. Taking a cab the trip to the tivoli and back doesn’t take long. Back in the city they check in at a hotel for the night. Before going to sleep Myrrdin contacts his father’s pack. They aren’t far from the city, so they agree to help with the Fortune Teller.

The next day Myrrdin and the Fortune Teller finds Gaerwyn’s pack at a specified location outside the city. The pack will bring her to a safe location and will make sure nothing happens to her until Myrrdin returns with or without his father. Before departing, Myrrdin talks with both the Fortune Teller and Gaerwyn’s pack. Myrrdin asks her some questions about the night three years ago. Gaerwyn didn’t tell her anything that Myrrdin can use in his search for his farther’s brother. Gaerwyn’s memory of the night and what happened was very clouded and filled with blank spots. The time Gaerwyn spend with the Fortune Teller, they mostly talked about who he was, and to some degree what he was. From what she tells Myrrdin, it is clear that his farther didn’t break any rules or laws doing this. What she knows of the truth that could have been an issue towards Gaerwyn, is information that she has discovered herself with the help of several spirits.

Before departing the pack gives Myrrdin some information he might be able to use in his search for his father’s brother, a map with some of the locations the pack visisted those years ago before his fathers crime. Following the map, Myrrdin learns that he needs to travel to the Balkans to continue the search.

Over the next ten days, Myrrdin travels the countryside the Serbia and the neighbouring countries in serahc for any evidence that might help him locate his target. On several occasions he finds the help of some local spirits, who guides him in the right direction. After days of searching, Myrrdin travels to the city of Beograd, where he believes his father’s brother is located.

Having walked through the streets of the city for some hours, Myrrdin suddenly realizes that he is being followed. He hides in a small alley and sidesteps to get a look at the person following him. After a few second a woman he hasn’t seen before walk by. She is obviously looking for him, while talking in a telephone. When she continues, Myrrdin steps back and follows her down the street.

The woman walk through the crowds of people filling the street. She stops outside a small café where she exchanges a few words with a couple of broadshouldered security guards, before she enters the café. One of the guards looks directly at Myrrdin. He calls out to the guards, asking them what they want. One of them says something in a language he doesn’t understand, while the other opens the door to the café. After hesitating for a few seconds Myrrdin walks through the door. The café is filled with people, the air is thick with the smell of coffee and cigarettes. One of the guards points towards a staircase and looks at Myrrdin “up”… closer inspection reveals that the stairs leads to an terace on the roof of the building. Myrrdin starts climbing the staircase followed by the two guards.

The terace is filled with people just like the café. At the far side of the terace, Myrrdin easily spots the three guards standing side by side, shielding the person behind them from the rest of the guests. Myrrdin hesitates for a second, and is gently pushed in this direction by the guards behind him.

When Myrrdin approaches the table the three guards step aside, making room for Myrrdin to sit at the table. Seated at the table is a man wearing a wide brimmed hat and a pair of large sunglasses. As Myrrdin sits the man looks up from his meal and removes his sunglasses. There is no doubt in Myrrdin’s eyes, the man look so much like his father that he can be nothing but hiw twin. As the first seconds pass in silence Myrrdin studies the man closely and begins to see the small differences between him and his father. His eyes have an unnatural dark glow, his face is worn and scared and it seems like it is constantly shrouded in darkness and the hat covers his pointy, hairy ears. He takes a drink, and with a piercing and annoying voice he says:

L: Welcome to Beograd my dear nephew… Hungry?
M:No thanks… a glass of water maybe?

He talks to one of the guards in a foreign language, and he hands Myrrdin a glass of water.

L:I see you travel alone, whatever happened to those yankees?
M: What are you?
L: (laughs) that a rather stupid question. I thought you would have figured it out by now. Well i guess we know who’s the smartest brother… by the way, have you heard anything from your father recently?
M: You know that I haven’t… I have come here to correct the injustice that has befallen my father.
The smile on his face disappears and his tone suddenly changes to a deep and serious note.
L: And you really think you’re going to succeed?I know that neither you nor your dad are amongst the brightest wolves, but I had honestly expected more from you. So unless you’ve got some magic trick up your sleeve, you just might as well follow your yankee buddies across the atlantic, because you will not get anything done here

He looks at one of the guards, and says something which is obviously funny, as the guards start laughing.

M: I actually hope that I would be proven wrong… i’ve always wanted more family… but I doubt that I will find it here. Would you at least do me one favor, and tell me what happened that night where my father lost everything?
_L: Well, if you came here looking for Gaerwyn, then you’re right… but hey (broad smile)… you found me. And even though I would have a lot of things to offer, I think we’re all better off if we accept the truth. You and I are never going to be working together, sadly that is, it would have been fun. I see a lot of potential in you kid.

He says something to one of the guards, who then leaves the terrace.

L: If you are thinking about the night at the carnival, I don’t know anything you haven’t already learned. Your father lost control and frenzied. He got his punishment like he deserved and that’s the end of that. And no matter what you and your yankee buddies are up to, you won’t be able to changes the past and you sure as hell can’t do anything about the future. What’s done is done and the apocalypse is at hand. Sooner or later you’re going to have to realize that you can’t win.

M: You said I have potential. What could i become?
L: The sky is the limit kid. If you’re father hadn’t been so god damn boring, you’re situation today would have been completely different.

The guard returns and whisppers something in his ear.

L: Well Myrrdin, as much fun as this is I have to get going.

He stands up and puts on his jacket

L: A final words of advice…If you wan’t to live, leave the country. If you wan’t to be safe, leave Europe. If I ever see you again, I can’t guarantee for your safety. I will let you live today, because whether you like or not, you are family. Next time, even your precious mother earth won’t be able to save you.

He puts on his sunglasses and walks around the table.

M: How can you live with yourself? How can you make others carry the blame for your actions? I never thought I would be ashamed of my blood.. but I see now that you are not of my blood! May Gaia show you mercy.

He starts laughing as he walks past Myrrdin. He takes a few steps before he stops and turns around.

L: Gaia can’t and won’t show me mercy, never has never will. Frankly she has never done anything for me… ever.

He continues towards the stairs surrounded by his guards, speaking to Myrrdin over his shoulder.

L: I hope this is the last time we will meet Myrrdin, I’ll remeber to say hi to your father if I see him first.

As he steps down the stairs he stops one last time and looks at Myrrdin with a smirk on his face.

L: And say hi to your aunt from me…

Myrrdin waits a few seconds before following his uncle and the guards. Having left the café, they walk down the street and climb into to old Hummers. Myrrdin follows to the outskirts of the city, where they enter and old abandoned army base. Myrrdin keeps a close watch on them from the umbra. Ath the base they are met by several guards waiting, by more hummers and an old helicopter. After a few minutes another car arrives at the base. The woman who followed him earlier steps out, and boards the helicopter along with his uncle. One by one the cars and the helicopter leave the army base.

Myrddin spends the following days trying to keep track of his uncle’s location, making him travel far and wide yet again. Later he recieves a call from Johnathan. Myrrdin updates Johnathan on his situation, and tells him that he would very much still like help from the pack if possible. Johnathan promises to talk to the pack about helping Myrrdin, once the moot at the next full moon is over, and the pack have recieved their punishment.

Friday, June 23, 2005

Every Garou present in New York have been summoned to the moot, which is opened by Simon Gentle. The spirit is high and several challenges are placed between different Garou.

Mother Larissa and Simon Francis Smith calls the pack forth one by one, introducing them to the rest of the sept. Larissa prepares a ritaul while simon announces the judgement.

Larissa conjures a necklace for each member of the pack. They must wear this at all times until the next full moon. The necklace will show any Garou that they have failed Gaia and that they have been punished for doing so. Whenever they meet a Garou outside the sept, they must this and tell them the following story:

We travelled towards the realm of Malfeas, in fear that we might lose two members of our pack in that Gaia forsaken, wyrm ridden place. Standing before the entrance the the unholy realm, we were confronted by a beast of the Black Spiral. A foe so mighty, not even a united pack like ours could defeat it, even with the help of two fellow brave Garou soldiers.

The beast showed its true purpose by releasing our two companions, whom we thought to be lost. Speaking with a cursed tongue, the beast enthralled our minds and convinced us to make a deal with it. We would go our seperate ways neither side drawing blood. With nothing but the false promise that we would be given the chance to battle and destroy the beast sometime in the future.

For this deal and for the lack of acting true to the Litany in the face of certain death, Gaia has chosen the Garou Nation to deliver our punishment.

While wearing the necklace, any member of the pack cannot claim the rank of Fostern. They will be known as cubs, and as such will have no right to seek help from any Garou, if that Garou chooses not to help them. Furthermore they will not be able to participate in any Rites of Renown or Caern Rites while wearing the necklace.

To the sound of drums and Larissa walk from one member to the next, haning it around their necks. While doing so she tells them, that the necklace willl follow them in any form, and they can only be removed by her and her alone, at the next full moon.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

The pack are gathered at Mt. Pocono. John arrives in the morning and updates them about the talk he had with Myrrdin earlier. After a breif talk, they all decide to go back to Europe to help him.

John contacts Myrrdin again, and learns that he currently is in Hungary, where he believes his uncle is. John quickly arranges for the pack to take a flight to Paris and from there to Budapest where they will meet up with Myrrdin.

Part IX - The Trial

Monday, June 12. 2005

The pack arrives in New York early in the morning. At the airport they are met by two drivers and a handful of local Garou, whom they have seen before. They enter two cars and drive towards the Glasswalkers headquarters.

At the mansion they are escorted into a conference room. In the center of the room stands a long table. The pack take their place at one end of the table where four chairs await them. At the other end stands five empty chairs and another single chair is placed at the middle of the table. A few minutes later Simon Gentle enters in the company of Simon Francis Smith, Mother Larissa, Silver Tail and Gentle’s personal assistant.

Gentle welcomes the pack to the hearing and deals with the formalities by introducing everybody and announcing that his assistant will be taking record of everything that will be said and done during the hearing and the following trial. Gentle then starts the hearing by letting all members of the pack tell the story as they witnessed it, from the moment Max and Faeleas went through the portal at the tivoli, until the pack was contacted by the Stag and afterwards flown to New York.

After having heard the stories from the pack, Gentle summons Johnathan as a witness. Even though John has been a treated as an equal member of the pack since the first day, and that he in most cases will be treated as a member of the pack, he hasn’t been accepted totally yet. This is mainly because the Totem of his old Glasswalker pack, still is connected to John and as such he cannot be connected to the Stag, to make him a full member of the pack. John tells his version of the story and explains why he reacted as he did. After this all four elders spend some time asking different question to different members of the pack, as they try to seek the answers which will guide them in the following trial. John is sent away again, and the four elders leave the room to deliberate.

When the elders return they are ready to continue with the trial. The first order of business is the Black Spiral Dancer who helped Max and Faeleas. Though they have fought against him several times, he still remains unknown. Comparing the testimony of Shaira, Max and Faeleas who have seen the Spiral in his homid form, they are able to create a drawing which resembles him very much. Upon seeing this drawing they all share the same feeling, that there is something vaguely familiar about his face. Larissa looks at the drawing and without beeing able to explain how, she also has a feeling that she knows this person or at least ought to, though she isn’t sure. She tells the pack that in light of everything that has happened it will definately make a difference if they are able to figure out who this person is. If they somehow learn his name and who he is or was, wether or not he indeed is a former Garou as he claims, then maybe they will be able to ask Gaia for help. And maybe she can give them some answers regarding his claims that he has seen his own demise, and that it shall be at the hands of the pack, by the will of Gaia herself. It will however be a very difficult task. She believes that they will need to study the old Garou legends, though she doesn’t know where to start.

As leading Philodox in the Sept, Simon Francis Smith is responsible for passing judgement on the pack. They can sense that he is troubled with this task. Being a close friend of the pack, he is finding it hard not to let his personal feelings get involved in the case. In an effort to be as honest as possible with the pack, he presents them with both his personal view and the view of the Philodox.

Looking at the situation from a personal view, he has little trouble seeing why Max and Faeleas made a deal with the Black Spiral Dancer. And he is almost convinced that he would have done the exact same thing if he had been put in the same situation, which is saying a lot as Simon also has a history with the same Black Spiral and that there is nothing he’d rather do than to cut his head off.

He cannot however ignore the fact that he is Philodox and that, even though he considers them his freinds, they still have to remember who they are and why they are here. They are all a small part of the war. A war bigger than anything else. And being part of this war also means that you accept the reality, knowing that you can die any day, and that you to some extent are expected to sacrifice yourself for Gaia if the need arises. He cannot ignore the fact that this is the second time members of this pack have made a deal with this Black Spiral Dancer more or less on his terms. On two occasions members of this pack has acted directly against the Litany, and that cannot and will not go unpunished.

The thing that Simon can’t stop thinking about, is “what if this is his plan?”. What if the Spiral want’s to postpone this fight? Maybe he knows they are stronger than him, maybe he is doing this to buy some more time. Even though he most likely is very powerful, we don’t know how powerful he really is. And they cannot escape the fact that he is a Black Spiral Dancer, an elite agent of the Wyrm, the embodiment of evil itself. And as such it is hard to believe that this being can be trusted, even if your intentions are good.

Having taken these things into consideration, it is clear that the pack have to be punished. Judgement however will not come to the pack until the moon is full. In ten days there will be a moot in New York, at this moot they will receive the judgement. If the pack should be lucky enough to find any evidence during these ten days regarding who the Black Spiral Dancer is and wether or not he is telling the truth, it might have an impact on the judgement.

Afterwards Gentle closes the hearing and the trial. Larissa, Simon Francis and Silver Tail all leave the room. Gentle asks the pack to stay for a few minutes, as he has some good news to share with them. Gentle have been contacted by some Glasswalkers from Europe. The situation in Gratz with the surveillance footage from the tivoli is under control. Any remaining evidence have been destroyed and there are no more loose ends. He invites them into the lounge for a more private and relaxed talk. After having talked and shared a drink with Gentle, the pack go their seperate ways for some time.

Corruich goes back to Mt. Pocono where he is greeted by Charlie, who obviously is surprised to see him back. Corriuch takes a tour of the territory and makes sure that everything is ok. Shaira goes down to the irish neighborhood where he hides in a dark corner of a pub, drowning his troubles in a keg of ale. Faeleas and Max goes downtown to pick up some new clothes, that will need to be dedicated to them in the morning. Afterwards they return to Pocono.

John goes down to the basement of the mansion where he takes a seat at his old desk. He pulls out his computers and starts working. He begins by checking the surveillance footage from the tivoli, in an effort to figure out what happened before and after the shooting. He hasn’t been sitting at the desk for very long before Emily enters the room. She jumps in his arms and hugs him, both surprised and happy to see him. She sits on his lap and starts looking at the footage with him.

After some time he locates the same guy he wrestled with in the tivoli after the first shooting. The guy enteres the park with a colleague some hours earlier than the pack. They walk around in the park checking several different places including the tent where the Fortune Teller lives. They both notice when the pack enter the park. Neither of these two guys are responsible for shooting the fortune teller. They did however fire their weapons afterwards creating the panic in the crowd. After having investigated the time around the shooting, John decides that the Fortune Teller most likeliy was shot by a sniper, from a distance of at least 1 kilometer.

Not finding any other important evidence John decides to keep searching. By this time the hour is already late and Emily have gone to bed. John starts going through the many hours of surveillance footage that exists from the night of the massacre in the tivoli. He is searching for anything that he can link to the two shooters or any other known henchmen he has in his records, whom they suspect is working for Gaerwyn’s twin brother. As the sun rises on the horizon John is finishing his search having found nothing. A sleepy Emily appears at his desk in her pajamas, and convinces him to go to bed.

Tuesday, June 13. 2005

Shaira is up at dawn and begins to prepare two rites. A short while later he’s joined by Max and Faeleas and he uses Rite of Cleansing on both. As he finishes the second rite, Corriuch joins them, and he assists Shaira with the Rite of Talisman Dedication on the new clothes Max and Faeleas bought yesterday. Afterwards they gather to hold the fist pack meeting at Mt. Pocono in a very long time.

Meanwhile in the city, John awakes around noon. At the bedside table Emily has left a sandwich with a note attached, telling John to meet her in the basement. John eats the sandwich as he gets dressed and goes down to join Emily. Together they continue searching through the footage from the night at the tivoli three years ago.

After a long search they find two suspicious events. During the mayhem where the Garou frenzies, there is a period of almost two minutes where the Garou cannot be seen. When he reappears he is obviously wounded. The rest of the footage shows a Garou that stumbles around, as he struggles to stand on his feet and stay awake. When he finally passes out in the middle of the park the footage shows a single person, most likely female, who crawls over to the unconscious body and drags it into a tent. John concludes that Gaerwyn must have been shot during the two minutes where he is off the camera. Searching all the footage around that period of time, it appears that none of the reamining visitors in the tivoli reacts to the shots they should have heard during that period of time. He does however see the Garou enter and afterwards exit a specific wagon in the tivoli. Taking a closer look at the wagon which apparently is a shooting gallery, he discovers that the owner of this wagon has the same name as the shooter who John neutralized during the incident last saturday. He traces the name of the shooter and learns that his father is the owner of the wagon, but he finds nothing suspicious about him or the rest of the family.

Later that afternoon John joins the rest of the pack at Mt. Pocono, where he tells them what he has discovered so far. The pack have been talking about what have happened these last few days. Shaira confronts John with the situation where John left the pack after they had rescued Max and Faeleas. He demands answers reagrding why he left, and what made him do what he did. The following discussion continues for a long time and becomes so heated that even Corriuch finds it hard to stay calm and has to intervene. After a discussion that lasts most of the day, John and Shaira comes to a mutual understanding. Besides agreeing that that some things where handled wrongly by all of them, they find that several misunderstandings occured between different members of the pack. Now there is nothing left to do, other than to learn from this experience and make sure it will not happen again.

Part IX - To Hell and back.

The first seconds after they go through the portal everything is chaos. Max is fighting a Black Spiral and is attacked by another as they enter while Faeleas is attacked by two before he has any chance to do anythong else. The fight is a mess, teeth and claws everywhere. After what seems like hours the fighting stops. Max and Faeleas somehow managed to come out of the fight more or less unharmed. Before they have a chance to do anything, a giant monster lands close by. The monster is covered in a tar like oozing black slime, which literally spills all over the ground with every step of it’s massive legs. It takes every inch of willpower, courage and self control within Max and Faeleas to lie still without panicking. The monster pokes through the debris of the fallen Black Spirals sniffing the air. Only then do Max and Faeleas realize, that they are covered not only in the blood and guts of the now dead Spirals, but also in the black ooze drifting off the monster. Lying in a heap of dismembered bodyparts, they have managed to stay hidden from the monsters sight and as they are covered in various wyrm tainted liquids the monsters is unable to catch their scent.

The monster soon looses interest in the heap of bodies and as it unfolds a huge pair of wings they can see how it appears to jump over the edge and into the darkness below. For the first time since they went through the portal Max and Faeleas have some time to check their surroundings to figure out where they are.

They believe they are in some kind of fortress or castle. The ground they are lying on and some walls nearby have a hard and cold stone surface. Looking over the edge where the monster disappeared they sense that they are at an incredible height. The darkness is so deep it is almost impossible to see the rising towers and walls that make out the unbelievably large fortress that surrounds them. Above them the main tower of the fortress reaches high into a sky so dark it appears to go on forever. They crawl over to a low wall and stand up to have a look at the world outside the fortress.

The second they lay their eyes upon the realm that is Malfeas, they regret it. The scenery before them brings pain and terror in a way they have never experienced before. And even though it hurts and burns beyond anything they have ever imagined, they find it hard, almost impossible to take their eyes from it again. Struggling to find their second courage they manage crawl back down behind the wall.

As reality dawns on the two Garou, they talk a little about their chances and what they can do, if anything to get out of this place. First things first they need to get down and hopefully out of this fortress. Searching the area they find a door opening up into the castle. They enter and begin the long descend. The castle is a maze of hallways and stairs. On some levels they walk for hours without finding nothing but empty hallways. They are looking for stairs leading down, and meanwhile they are trying to avoid danger by moving as slowly and silently as possible.

On more than one occasion they are forced into hiding in the deepest and darkest holes to avoid being spotted. After a long time they have lost all track of time and direction. Unfortunately they find very few stairs going down and even fewer doors. Theier only luck at this point is that they somehow have managed to sneak around the castle without coming across any of the creatures that live here.

Suddenly they hear voices behind them and they hurry into a dark alcove staying as low as they can. They see Two Black spiral Dancers in the company of a massive troll like creature standing as tall and wide as the corridor itself. The trio stops a few yards from the two Garou and faces the wall. After some seconds a section of the wall slides open revealing a door. A shadow of human form stands in the door, the Spirals talk with the shadow for a while before it steps aside letting the troll through the door. The two Spirals continue down the corridor passing Max and Faeleas without noticing them. The shadow stands in the corridor for a while scanning the place in both directions before it enters the room and closes the door.

Max and Faeleas looks down the corridor after the two Spirals. They are very hard to locate in the dark corridor, but suddenly a light comes on. Apparently they have opened a door and light are coming into the corridor from the stairs behind the door. The two Spirals enters the door and start descending the stairs. Max and Faeleas decides that this is their chance. They run towards the door as it is closing, Max goes through the door first with Faeleas right behind him, changing to Crinos as he attacks the two spirals. Fighting starts on the stairs and they are both badly wounded as they destroy the first Spiral. The second manages to land a powerful strike on Faeleas almost killing him. As a result Faeleas frenzies and runs down the stairs. Max deals with the remaining Spiral before following Faeleas. The stairs continue downwards for a very long time, Max can still hear the faint sounds of Faeleas in front of him. Suddenly he passes the corpse of a headless Black Spiral and a little farther down the stairs he also comes across the head.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs he can hear sounds of fighting up ahead. The stairs open up into a room larger than any he has ever been in. On the other side of the room some 500 yards away, he sees a huge door 50 yards wide and high. The room is filled with long wooden tables and benches. Many of the tables are filled with what looks like food but smells like something completely different. The entire room is illuminated by several fires set in large iron braziers. In the middle of the room Faeleas collapses in a pool of Black Spiral reamins. Behind him Max hears the sound of several creatures running down the stairs. He runs to the now unconscious Faeleas, picks him up and hides under one of the tables in the room. Across the room at the stairs a handful of Black Spiral Dancers exits the stairs. They are obviously seraching for the culprits as they spread out in the room looking under tables and benches. Under the table Max wakes up Faeleas and they are both waiting as the Black Spirals are closing in. Just as Max and Faeleas are getting ready to jump out and make their last stand, the Spirals suddenly stops. Somewhere in the room something or someone has entered and now the Black Spiral Dancers are leaving the way they came.

Holding their breath Max and Faeleas are staying under the table. They hear footsteps closing in. Something takes a seat at the table, and after a few second they hear a familiar voice.

“Are you coming out so we can talk?”

Max and Faeleas crawls out from under the table and takes a seat on one of the benches. The thing sitting next to them have assumed a human form. They don’t recognize the person but the voice and smell of the man leaves no doubt. This is the Black Spiral Dancer whom they have faced and fought against on several occasions earlier, the same Black Spiral Dancer who made a deal with Shaira back in San Fransisco.

The Black Spiral seems to be surprised to find the two Garou in this place. He asks them why they are here and how they plan to get out. Getting out is something they of course don’t know how to do at the moment. Trying to figure out what his plan is, Max and Faeleas asks him why he apparently saved them from the other Spirals before. He tells them the same story that he told Shaira. For him to fulfil his destiny, he need them and their pack alive. It is a part of a plan, set in motion by things greater than any of them. To Max’s and Faeleas’ surprise, he claims that it is also in part the will of Gaia that this plan will be followed and executed.

As the Black Spiral accepts that Max and Faeleas didn’t exactly decide to come here, and that their pack most likely also will come here searching for them, he asks if they will make a deal with him. He will help them try to escape the realm of Malfeas and be reunited with their pack, though he cannot of course promise anything. In return he only asks that they will let him go once they are free, promising that they will do their part in pursuing their destiny. Max and Faeleas agrees to this deal.

The Black Spiral takes a large wolf pelt that have been lying across one of the tables, and spreads it out on the floor. Max and Faeleas lie down on the pelt in Lupus form. Before closing it around them, the Spiral takes a large pile of the food like substances from the table and pours it over the two wolves. The stench alone makes their stomachs turn. Enclosed in darkness under the pelt, Max and Faeleas only get a glimpse of what happens as the Black Spiral changes into what they believe to be his Crinos form. The Spiral picks up the pelt containing the two wolves and start walking towards the exit with long heavy strides.

As they clear the fortress and the Spiral starts the journey across the realm of Malfeas, Max and Faeleas are filled with a gnawing sensation that something will go wrong stopping them from leaving the realm. The sounds of Malfeas are overwhelming and as terror grips their bones they fight to keep focus. The strides of the Spiral are making the pelt bounce back and forth as they hang slung over his back, adding nausea to the many feelings that are going through their heads. On several occasions they are both overcome by the many sensations and as a result they empty the contents of their stomachs in the pelt.

As time goes by they loose any remaining sense of time as they constantly drift in and out of consciousness. At one point the Spiral wakes them up, as one of his massive paws are searching through the pelt. When he finally graps a leg of meat, he pulls it out. He tells them to stay alert. Shortly after they hear voices of other creatures nearby. As they come closer the voices starts communicating with the Spiral. They can’t understand anything that is beeing said, but from what little they can see through the holes in the pelt, it appears that they have reached some kind of guardpost. Having talked with the creatures for several minutes the Black Spiral starts moving again. As the sound of the voices fade away behind them, so does the sounds of Malfeas. As a proof of this, the Spiral suddenly speaks to them.

“The worst part is over, but nobody’s safe yet. So stay down and keep quiet. We still have a long way to go”. Somewhat relieved Max and Faeleas feels their hopes go up a little. It appears that they just might make it anyway.

On the other side

Following the Stag in close Lupus formation, the pack and Myrrdin have passed the Umbra without trouble and are now travelling across the Deep Umbra going places where none of them ever has gone before. As the hours pass, darkness becomes omnipresent and the pack are filled with a disturbing sense that danger is approaching.

As the Stag slows down it feels like the darkness around them is coming to life. There is nothing to be seen, but noises are creeping closer. They sense movement as they are slowly being surrounded. Standing back to back they face the unseen enemies, weapons drawn and ready to fight. The Stag stops, “they are here”.

Suddenly a deep and terrifying growl pierces the night, and within a few seconds everything around them grows quiet, the unseen presence have apparently disappeared. Out of the darkness steps a enormous Black Spiral Dancer, looking down on the pack. As the scent of the Spiral fills their nostrils it becomes clear to the pack, who they are facing.

Before any of them has a chance to do anything the Black Spiral takes the wolf pelt he had slung on his back and lays it before his feet. Out of the pelt falls two very familiar wolves. Corriuch is on the verge of fury as he sees the unconscious bodies of his pakcmates lying on the ground before him covered in blood and filth. He is ready to attack at any moment, and John stands by his side awaiting his actions. Something inside Corriuch makes him stop and as he does this both Max and Faeleas stands up. They turn to look at the Black Spiral Dancer and they exchange a few words with him before he slowly backs away and disappears into the darkness. Without hesitation the pack turns around and starts the long journey back to the Umbra with the Stag safely leading the way.

Sunday, June 11. 2005

The pack have run all night escaping the Deep Umbra without any incidents. During the run Corriuch took a minor detour on the other side, hunting for some breakfast. In the early morning hours they find a save spot in the Umbra wilderness and make camp.

Max and Faeleas are exhausted after the long run. The pack help them get cleaned up and healed by the Mothers Touch. Max and Faeleas tries to explain and tell the story of what happened in Malfeas. After having heard the tale Johnathan begins arguing with Shaira. He doesn’t agree with Shaira on how he have dealt with the fact the two members of his pack have just exited the realm of Malfeas after having made a deal with a known Black Spiral Dancer. The discussion gets heated and after a while Johnathan leaves the camp.

He keeps walking until he’s far away from the camp. He calls an old Glasswalker contact, and tells him about the situation. He also tells them his own assessment of what happened. The Glasswalkers ensures him that they will contact N.Y. and inform them of what has happened. The Glasswalker tells John that, if it should come to a trial he will most likely be summoned as a witness, so they will recommend that he returns to New York immediately, without making further contact with the pack.

Back at the camp the pack still talks about what they have to do. They also discuss what to do regarding Myrrdin’s father. A couple of hours after John left the camp, they recieve a text message from John which simply says:

“This situation needs to be dealt with. I’ll see you in New York.”

A short while later the Stag arrives at the camp. He informs them that some local Garou have asked to talk with the pack. The Stag leads the way as they run for a few miles. On the other side they are met by a single Garou, stading on the side of a road. With an italian accent he quickly tells the pack, that he’s here to pick them up. He drops two bags in front of the pack, containing a new set of clothes to Max and Faeleas. A few seconds later five cars comes driving down the road. They are asked to get into the cars, one member of the pack in each car. As they climb into the cars they are followed by two Garou, whom they didn’t see before they entered the car.

They are taken to a small private airport where the cars park in a small hangar. In the hangar they are met by another italian guy. He takes out a laptop and places it on the hood of one of the cars. Having pushed a few button he steps aside and with a wave of his hand tells the pack to step closer.

On the screen they see the image of a tired Simon Gentle. Speaking clearly and quickly he tells the pack, that they are to board a plane to New York in a few minutes. They are being summoned to a hearing, regarding the incident with Malfeas and the Black Spiral Dancer. They are not allowed to make any contact with any Garou until the hearing. Simon knows that the pack i currently helping Myrrdin, so he calls him forth. He apologizes to Myrrdin about this unexpected and surprising turn of events. And he ensures him that whatever happens at the hearing and whatever the outcome of a possible trial might be, will not have any effect of the pack helping him with his quest. He finishes by telling Myrrdin that the guys who took them to the hangar will drive him anywhere he wants.

The italian guy closes the laptop and escorts the pack to the waiting plane outside, which takes them directly to New York. Meanwhile Myrrdin has been put into one of the cars and is asked where he wants to go.

Part IX - The Lost Cause

Tuesday, June 6. 2005

Early in the morning, Myrrdin joins the pack at their camp. He talks to them about his farther. The spirit who told him the truth said that it was up to him, to seek the truth and to reveal it to the nation. Myrrdin has no doubt that Gaia have given him this quest to salvage what is left of his family’s honour and restore it’s power as well as save his farther. He has decided that the time is right for him to follow his quest, and he asks the pack to join him.

Myrrdin tells the entire tale to the pack. Shaira hears the story and with Gaia as his witness sees the truth. The pack decides to help Myrrdin with his quest. Myrrdin talks with Christopher and he gives Myrrdin the permission on behalf of the Sept, to follow his quest.

Myrrdin have been thinking about how to start his quest, and he have come to the conclusion that the ruins of the once proud McCain castle will be a good start. Travelling north in a rented Land Rover, they enter Scotland at nightfall.

Wednesday, June 7. 2005

After a quick breakfast the pack continues towards the castle. John and Myrrdin takes the car while the rest takes the Umbra. At the castle some of them stays on the Umbra, following the rest on the other side, looking for clues in both places.

They find several traces telling them that they are in the right place, unique glyphs and old wardings which have been placed there by the Garou members of the McCain clan. None of these gives them any information regarding Gaerwyn’s location.

After a while they find the remnants of an old Rite circle in the umbra. A Garou has obviously been casting at least one if not several Rites on this very spot. Having investigated the circle and the few spirit traces still there, Myrrdin knows that the Garou in question is his farther and that he amongst other rites have cast a Warding Rite which protects him from being located by the Questing Stone.

To test this theory Myrrdin starts preparing the Questing Stone, recreating and using the same circle as his farther did earlier. The rite itself has no effect as suspected, but apparently his farther have left a message for Myrrdin encoded in one of the Glyphs in the circle. Just as Myrrdin finishes the rite he hears his farthers voice.

I shall not be found yet. You must find him first. Seek out my old pack, maybe they can show you the way.

Before leaving the area they make contact with the old Gamekeeper (Kinfolk), who maintains the ruins as part os his retirement. according to him it has been many years since any Garou stayed at the castle, revealing that he didn’t know that Gaerwyn had been there. The last wolf he saw was a strange young fellow from the north named Håkon. Obviously a nobody.

They head back towards Stonehenge, to learn more about Gaerwyn’s old pack. On the way there they make a stop, as Myrrdin uses Questing Stone for the pack. revealing that they are at a very great distance from them, somewhere in the southeast part of Europe.

When they arrive at Stonehenge later that day, they learn that the last time the Sept heard from the pack, was when they were in Brussels. John sends a message to the Glasswalkers in Brussels, to hear if they have any information about the pack. They spend the rest of the day trying to find more information about the pack and their missions, as they wait for an answer from Brussels.

Thursday, June 8. 2005

The Glasswalkers haven’t got much information about the pack. Apparently they were in the city on a hunt for vampires. There were a struggle amongst some of the leeches, where a Black Spiral Dancer with connections to some easteuropean/russian mobsters, had tried to gain some control over the territory. In cooperation with several other local packs they managed to control the situation before it escalated. After this the pack left the city in search for the Dancer and his crew. To confirm the Glasswalker’s story Corriuch makes contact with a Children of Gaia sept living near Brussels, who tells the basically the same story. They can tell him however, that the pack has last been seen heading towards the Balkans.

After having talked for a while, the pack decides to go directly to the Balkans, hoping to be able to catch up with Gaerwyn’s old pack. Before leaving Stonehenge they seek some counsel from one of the Ahrouns, who have recently been involved in the war in Europe and who knows a thing or two about the Balkans.

As they suspected and feared, the Balkans is not a happy place. Years of civil war and the massacres of thousands of civilians, along with a history of being a powerful vampire territory, have basically left it scorned by many Garou. The place is a spawning pool of Wyrm soldiers of all sorts and as such is also one of the most vital battlefields in the everlasting war. Very few Garou go there and even fewer stay. Though it is rumoured that both the Silver Fangs as well as the Shadow Lords still have control over some of the oldest caerns in the region. But as nobody outside the Balkans have talked to any of these Septs for decades, this remains nothing but speculation. The Ahroun offers them a final warning, if you go there and you decide to travel across the Umbra… do not travel alone and under no circumstance at night.

Friday, June 9. 2005

After having boarded a plane thursday night, the pack and Myrrdin arrive at Belgrade early in the day. They check their surroundings and the territory. They find a quiet place on the outskirts of town, where Myrrdin sets up a new Rite of Questing.

Having discussed his findings after a successful rite, the pack and Myrrdin takes another flight, this time they are going to Vienna. However due to a delayed flight and a minor detour to Hamburg, the clock is well past midnight when the finally arrive at Vienna. Exhausted after a long day of travelling they check in at a hotel in the airport, where they go to rest.

Saturday, June 10. 2005

At dawn Myrrdin is ready with another Questing Rite. He can sense they are getting closer to Gaerwyn’s old pack, so they rent two cars and start driving south in the direction Myrrdin had found through his rite. After a few hours of driving they park the cars high up in the mountains. Myrrdin and Courriuch sidesteps and runs farther up the mountain. At the top they start calling out to the pack. A short while later Gaerwyn’s pack answers. They run for a few miles before they meet the Alpha of the pack, Caél. After the initial greetings they bring the rest of the wolves from the cars and go to their camp.

At the camp they meet the rest of Gaerwyn’s old pack. They talk for a while about Myrrdin’s father and Myrrdin’s current quest. Caél tries to help the pack by telling them about the mission they were on before Gaerwyn was convicted.

They were searching for a nest of Black Spirals. The hunt had led them to the Balkans where they found a trace pointing further south. Late one night as they are continuing south, they are ambushed. They quickly realize that they are outnumbered at least three to one. Gaerwyn orders the pack “fight to survive, stay alive, each man for himself”. They manage to get away alive. For some reason the enemy force doesn’t track them at first. After the ambush the pack is badly wounded and their journey afterwards is proving to be very difficult. They are forced to keep a low profile so the enemy won’t find them again, which slows down the process of their hunt. Besides this it is obvious at this point that Gaerwyn has changed. Something happened the night at the ambush. When they finally reach their destination the trace has gone cold and they immediately decide to go back to Stonehenge. During the pack’s journey towards Stonehenge, they make camp one night on a hillside in Austria, outside a city called Graz. This is the night where Gaerwyn leaves the camp and is later found by his pack at the tivoli. As soon as they learn what has happened in the tivoli, they make for Stonehenge in great haste.

Caél tells the pack how to find the tivoli and gives them the information about their lead in Serbia, in case the pack decides to follow this in their hunt for Gaerwyn’s twin brother. Afterwards they say goodbye to Caél and the rest of the pack, thanking them for the help. They retrieve the cars and drive towards the tivoli.

The pack drive for less than an hour before they reach the tivoli. The enter and take a look around the place. Max and John goes for some rides in a rollecoaster. Myrrdin and Corriuch goes to the Umbra while Shaira and Faeleas keeps watch. On the Umbra Myrrdin succesfully summons a local Bear Spirit. They talk with the Bear and he tells them some interesting things about the night of the massacre. Having witnessed most of the horrors that happened that night, he knows there were two Garou present. He also tells them that the local fortune teller, who’s still living here, asked the spirits to help her save one of the Garou who was apparently wounded. With the help of several spirits including the Bear himself she managed to banish some evil forces which had infested the Garou. Later when night became day several Garou suddenly appeared, however they left quickly taking the wounded Garou with them.

When Myrrdin and Corriuch returns they discuss the new information with the rest of the pack. They need to talk with the fortune teller. To make sure they don’t freak her out entirely Myrrdin enters her tent alone, as the rest of the pack stands guard outside the tent.

It is clear to Myrrdin that she is surprised to see him, and he has no doubt that she recognizes him as he looks like a younger version of his father. Myrrdins tells her who his father is, and that he has come to talk with her about the night she saved him. She tells Myrrdin more or less the same story as the Bear. She doesn’t know what happened in the tivoli, as she only made contact with Gaerwyn as he lay unconscious on the ground. When she had saved him, she took him to her trailer where she cleaned him up a bit and kept him hidden from the police. When he woke up later they talked for a while about who and what he is and where he came from. She didn’t however get a chance to saying goodbye, as he somehow left without a trace, while she was outside talking with the police. The Fortune Teller gives Myrrdin the three bullets which she pulled out of the wounds in Gaerwyn’s body when she healed him. Myrrdin asks if there is anything he can do for her, to which she replies “Stay alive, and bring him back. I would very much like to see him again”. Myrrdin leaves the tent and together with the rest of the pack he finds a place where they can talk.

The pack is talking when Myrrdin suddenly hears someone calling out his name. As he gets up and looks in the direction of the voice he sees the Fortune Teller, she is searching the crowd for him. As soon as she locates him she starts running towards him. She doesn’t get very far before she falls to the ground, shot in the head. Before Myrrdin or anybody else has a chance to react they hear gunfire, several shots being fired close by and immediately the crowd panics.

Myrrdin runs to the Fortune Teller, he kneels down and saves her by using Mothers Touch, afterwards he picks her up, and fights his way through the crowd to her trailer. The rest of the pack spreads out and start searching for the shooters. Max takes the right flank, underway he saves a young woman and her child who’s almost crushed by the panicking crowd. Faeleas goes to the Umbra. Shaira and John fight their way through the crowd going the opposite direction. Corriuch sees that Max is struggling with the crowd and follows him. Suddenly John spots a guy who’s not panicked but who looks like he’s searching for someone. John follows him and when he pulls out a gun John takes him out and hides the unconscious body in an empty shooting gallery. Corriuch spots some incoming police and warns John, who hides in the gallery. Max and Shaira reach the end of the crowd. They didn’t find any shooters so they go to the Umbra where they meet Faeleas. Shaira immediately sends Faeleas and Max out to do a perimeter check. Max catches the scent of something supernatural and not Garou. Faeleas picks up a trail from a Black Spiral which he follows. Suddenly he is attacked from behind by the Spiral. As soon as he sees the Black Spiral Dancer, Max howls so any Garou in the vicinity knows the enemy are here. He then runs to help Faeleas, the Spiral retreats and open a portal from which two more emerge. Max charges one of them with his claws and teeth first, however the Spiral simply grapples Max and pulls him through the portal. Faeleas sees this and immediately runs towards the portal. The remaining two Spirals are flanking him making ready to attack him from both sides at once. Without thinking he activates his Battlescar Fetish and as the two Spirals reach him he makes a simple jump and feeling light as a feather he dodges the incoming flurry of claws and teeth without a scratch. Faeleas jumps headfirst through the portal. Corriuch heard Max’s howl as he entered the Umbra, and with Shaira at his side he charges the two Spirals. One of the Spirals attacks them and though Shaira and Corriuch destroyes it without hesitation, it just manages to slow them down enough, so that the remaining Black Spiral Dancers can escape through the portal and close it.

Meanwhile on the other side, John is still hiding in the shooting gallery. As he sees the police closing on his position he calls out for help. He explains that he saw the unconscious guy drawing a gun and he knocked him out to make sure he didn’t hurt anyone. An officer makes a quick search of John before he handcuffs him and puts him down next to the unconscious guy. Two officers goes to the Fortune Teller’s trailer and knocks on the door. John sees that Myrrdin opens the door, but before they have a chance to talk with him, shooting erupts at the other side of the tivoli and they run over to help their colleagues. John uses the distraction to get out of the handcuffs and sneak away.

On the Umbra Shaira and Corriuch makes contact with Myrrdin, and together they follow John as he sneaks around the tivoli on the other side. John is trying to recover and delete any surveillance footage that will contain pictures of the pack. Using his hacking skills he learns that several trailers in the tivoli has their own surveillance, most of these recordings are stored in old school VHS tapes. The files John gains access to doesn’t hold any information regarding the surveillance of the trailers. John exchanges a quick word with Shaira, and they agree that they need to get a hold of those tapes or at the very least destroy them. As a more or less desperate plan, John turns himself over to the police. He is escorted to one of the waiting patrol cars outside the tivoli where he is put in the back, alongside a shaken and troubled Fortune Teller. After a while they are taken to the local police station in Gratz.

At the police station the pack stays hidden on the Umbra, peeking out from time to time, to make sure nothing is totally wrong. John’s stay at the station takes a lot longer than he had hoped for. On several occasions he tries to convince the officers that they have to let him go, as they haven’t charged him with anything. A young detective is questioning John, and he gets a feeling that the detective knows more than he should. John manages to send a message to the pack asking them to contact the American Consulate. They need to know that the police is holding an american citizen against his will. Myrrdin sidesteps to make the call, and stays as a lookout on the other side. After a while a large black car arrives. Myrrdin who’s still waiting besides the police station recognizes the vampire in the car for what he is. Without any trouble the vampire gains access to the police station and gets John released, though he apparently doesn’t know that John is a werwolf. On his way out, John manages to place one of his cellphones in a box with some of the evidence from the tivoli. The phone has been rigged to ignite if called. He hopes it will do so with enough force to set the rest of the evidence on fire and hopefully also the surveillance tapes.

Meanwhile Myrrdin has warned the rest of the pack about the leech, and Shaira and Corriuch are standing by, ready to stop the car. John’s focus is still on the evidence as he gets in the car, so he doesn’t realize what he’s getting in to the car with. In the car he takes out his other phone and calls the burnphone, the leech is already busy talking in his own phone. As the car closes on the waiting Corriuch, he jumps out of hiding and broadsides the car, forcing it into a collision with an oncoming car. Inside the car the leech and John are thrown on the floor of the car. The leech can’t control himself with shock and anger, and as he reveals his true self John reacts immediately. John draws his klaive and attacks the vampire striking him twice and wounding him severly, before it tries to escape out of the car. John follows him and with a single strike takes off his head. Shaira joins John and they follow Myrrdin to the Umbra where they are joined by Corriuch.

They go back to the police station to see if John’s plan with the burnphone worked. It appears that the phone did in fact ignite. The fire however was put out before it could do any serious damage. Having talked about possible solutions they agree that there isn’t much they can do about the surveillance footage right now. So they turn their focus towards Max and Faeleas. So far all evidence they have found and all experience they have tells them, that their two packmates most likely have gone to Malfeas. Every wolf knows that a trip to Malfeas is considered a one-way trip. Any Garou who goes there is considered as good as dead. Even with this information the pack decides that they are not going to let Faeleas and Max die in that place without at least trying to save them.

They make contact with some local Garou, and inform them about the situation. They let them know that if anybody needs to contact the pack, it will have to be through their totem. Shaira calls for the Stag. When the Stag comes Shaira asks him to show them the way to Malfeas and the location of Faeleas and Max.

To be continued…

Downtime IV - Celebration

In the days following the rescue of Rosemary, the pack spends a lot of time around Stonehenge. The pack does their part as visitors to the sept, participating in the daily security rutines and the hunt. Meanwhile the pack also finds time to do some training.

Monday, April 30. 2005

In celebration of the dawning of the light half of the year, the Fianna holds a feast at May Day as spring turns to summer, a feast known as Beltane. This year the pack celebrates these days with the Sept of Stones.

It is indeed a day of good times as the pack drinks and fights their way through the festival. During the night Johnathan and Myrrdin are sitting at a table talking. Myrrdin tells Johnathan the story of his farther.

The McCain Clan is an old and famous family of Fianna Garou. The story of the clan’s glory and honour have been told at numerous bonfires. Myrrdin’s farther Gaerwyn McCain, is often named amongst the most revered Garou of the Fianna tribe. Until a tragic night almost three years ago.

Gaerwyn and his pack had been chasing a nest of Black Spiral Dancers for almost a year. The information they had gathered led them to believe that the Dancers where planning to infiltrate the Garou nation with som Wyrm agents. On a cold winter night, the pack found themselves in the remnants of a small village in a dark part of the Balkans. Here the pack was suddenly ambushed by a strong force, presumeably the same force they had been hunting. Outnumbered the pack was fighting for their lives. However they managed to overcome the force and break their attack. In the heat of combat Gaerwyn had been seperated from the rest of the pack, and it was almost an hour after the fighting had stopped before they found him alive and unscathed.

However something had changed in Gaerwyn. His pack has later described how he in the following weeks seems more and more troubled. His mind is dark and he has a hard time forcusing on the task. On several occasions he reacts with anger and a few times almost hatred, when the pack confronts him.

Travelling north on their way back to Stonehenge, the pack has set up a camp in the mountains of Austria. Since the ambush in the Balkans, they have seen nothing of their enemy, so they have decided to go back and stay at Stonehenge through the winter. Their Theurge also believes that it might help Gaerwyn find his true self again. During the night Gaerwyn disappears while on watch. When the pack notices that he is gone, they immediately start looking for him fearing the worst.

It is not until early that morning when they find him, several miles away at a small tivoli. He is alive though he is obviously wounded. He have been helped by a local fortune teller, who apperently took him in during the night, cleaned some of his wounds and kept him hidden from the police. Unfortunately this is not what worries the pack. They bloodshed and mayhem that greets them when they enter the park. An untold numbers of what appears to be civilian men, women and children have been brutually slaugthered and dismembered in what looks like one of the worst frenzy massacres the pack has ever seen. They quickly bring the still weak Gaerwyn to the umbra and make for Stonehenge. It doesn’t take long for the news of the attack to reach Stonehenge, as well as the surveillance footage from the tivoli.

Back at Stonehenge Gaerwyn is met by a trial for the crimes he has committed. Gaerwyn McCain calls upon his innocence. He has no memory of the night after arriving at the tivoli. He doesn’t even remember why he went there in the first place. All he remembers is waking up with the fortune teller, who helped him and kept him hidden from the cops.

At the trial the surveillance footage from the tivoli is used as evidence against Gaerwyn. The pictures that comes from several different cameras, clearly shows a Garou in a frenzy mayhem in the tivoli, killing anything in that comes in his way. The images are not perfect, but it is easy to make out several marks in the fur of the Crinos. The same marks can be found on in the fur of Gaerwyn McCain.

Presented with the evidence, Gaerwyn have no choice but to accept the outcome of the trial. Though he claims that he is innocent, he can’t deny what the evidence shows, he must face his punishment. Suffering the Voice of the Jackal and an Ostracism, Gaerwyn is thrown out of the sept.

Filled with remorse and guilt Gaerwyn leaves the caern immediately travelling north. Within the next few days he disappears, and has not been seen since.

As a part of the Sept Myrrdin was also present at his farthers trial, though he had nothing to do with his punishment. A while after the trial, Myrrdin was contacted by an Ancestor spirit of his Clan. This spirit told him, that it had been in contact with his farther. The spirit knows the truth, Gaerwyn McCain is innocent. The spirit doesn’t know who or what is responsible, only that Myrrdin’s father didn’t commit the crimes is has been punished for.

The Galliard in John keeps listening as Myrrdin tells his tale. Besides Myrrdin and his farther, the only living member of the family is Myrrdin’s aunt, his farthers older sister. His aunt is not Kinfolk or in any other way related to the Garou nation. But Johnathan is still worried that something or someone might locate her and try to harm her, in an effort to get to Myrrdin and his farther. Myrrdin is convinced that his aunt is safe as she have had no connection with him or his dad for several years. To prove his point John decides to show how easy she can be found. He spends one hour hacking some different databases before he finds some old records containing information about the McCain family. The records are copies of some old handwritten birth certificates which the midwife wrote. To Myrrdin’s surprise, he learns, that according to these records, his farther has a twin brother. Myrrdin has no memory of this brother and Christopher later ensures him that the Garou nation didn’t know anything about him either.

John and Myrrdin decides to go to London immediately to talk with his aunt. She lives in a quiet suburb on the outskirts of London. The street is dark, and only a few lights is on in the house. They park the car down the road and walk up to the front door. A man answers the door, a short while later aunt Betty comes to the door. She is very surprised to see Myrrdin but invites them in. When Myrrdin tells her what they want to talk about, she quickly sends her male friend home. Myrrdin asks her some of the questions he always wanted to ask but never had the chance to do.

Betty doesn’t know what Myrrdin or his farther is. All she knows is, that they’re different in a good way. They’re part of something that she cannot and shall not try to explain to herself or anybody else. When they confront her with the twin brother, she tries to remember him. The evidence is clear and she has a feeling that she ought to know him, given her own age at the birth. But sadly she has no memory of him. They continue to talk for several hours, and as the hour grows late John and Myrrdin decides to spend the night at Betty’s place.

Tuesday, May 1. 2005

The following morning Myrrdin and John convinces Betty to go away for a while, just to make sure she is safe. John knows some people in New York who can help by looking out for her for some time. They take her to the airport where she takes the first plane to New York. Afterwards they return to Stonehenge to join the remaining celebration.

In the days following the celebration of Beltane the pack continue their stay at Stonehenge, where they work, train and hunt. They get to spend some more time with Myrrdin getting to know him better. Aunt Betty is safe in New York, where she is currently staying with some local kinfolk, who will be showing her the city and taking care of her, until told otherwise by John or Myrrdin.

When the time is right and the pack for once is without the company of any local Garou, John tells them the story about Gaerwyn McCain, as Myrrdin told it to him.

Part VIII - The Deal at Longleat

After having sent the nameless goon on his way, the pack return to the hotel to prepare their next move. They have already tried bluffing, but unfortunately the suspected vampire, called their bluff, so now they have to try something else.

Tuesday, May 17. 2005

The next day John starts setting up a plan, in an effort to prevent as much damage as possible, if the footage of him and Max should go viral. Using some of the other footage he collected from the Longleat server, he manipulates and changes the pictures, so it looks like the footage shows ghosts and other supernatural “happenings” at Longleat. John makes sure that anybody who would investigate the footage, is certain to reveal that the images are fake. Meanwhile in N.Y. some of the Glasswalker kinfolk are creating stories on all major european newsfeeds, which tells you that several large turist attractions are trying to give the industry a boost, by giving new life to different ghost stories and tales of monsters. Amongst these are of course Longleat House. John hopes that anybody who sees either of the two, will somehow link them and by doing that lovering the credibility of the actual werewolf footage.

Out at Longleat House the situation is surprisingly calm. The house only release a short statement involving some problems they have had with their security system. As a precaution the house have chosen to close the park for a couple of days, until they can guarantee the safety of their guests. What little information John can find reveals that the overall security have been increased at the house. They have hired more guards, changed several locks and installed more lighting across the grounds.

During the day, the pack recieve a message from the Sept of stones:

As promised I have discussed your case with our sept. It is of course worrying, though it is far from the worst of its kind I have seen. There is no doubt about the fact, that you have failed the Garou nation. How this failure occured and who is to blame if any, is up to your pack to figure out. However you do deserve some praise. It’s one thing to realize that you have made a mistake. But to face your fear, recognize your errors and face your elders to tell them about your actions, is something completely different. There is no doubt, that your decision to confront me and deliver a full report, have had a significant impact on the sept’s assesement of the case

As far as I understand, nothing have happened further in the case and of course we hope it stays that way. It is to early to say if the these pictures could prove to be a problem, and as such we can’t give you a punishment at this moment. I have consulted with your sept in New York and we have decided that in time, they will deliver the punishment if needed.

Until this case is solved, there will however be some changes with your connection to our sept. You are not permitted to enter or stay at the Stonehenge Caern and you can’t contact any members of the sept. When you solve the matters involving Longleat, you will send a message to me. When I recieve your message I will find you immediately. You will be given this one chance to explain how you have solved the case.

On behalf of the Sept of Stones


The pack is resting in their hotel room talking about what they are going to do. John does some hacking, and discovers that a company is currently working on the security system at Longleat by remote access. Through this access John hacks his way into the system and uploads a /backdoor, so he can easily access the system later. Besides that he checks the on site power connection to make sure they have a chance to turn off the power.

Faeleas uses Rite of the Questing Stone searching for the two henchmen from the car crash. He only does this to check if they still connected with the vampire. One of the henchmen is located at a hospital in the western end of London, and the other they locate in the suburbs north of London.

Faeleas and Max goes out to the suburbs searching for him. The search brings them to a small townhouse. Outside they find to cars parked. They call John and have him check the plates. Both cars are Avis rental cars rented by two different guys. One of these guys also rented the car which crashed on the highway last night. According to the data John can access, the house is owned by a local landlord, and it appears that it is still up for rent.

John starts hacking the CCTV system and runs a face recognition software, trying to find the henchman they let go last night. After w while he locates him, walking aimlessly down a sidewalk. He follows him as he walk around the city. Suddenly he pauses at a busstop. It looks like he is talking with someone who isn’t in the footage. Shortly thereafter one of the cars that was parked outside the townhouse pulls up to the sidewalk and the henchman jumps into the car. The pack decides to go and have a closer look at the house.

With the rest of the pack waiting in the car, Faeleas sneaks his way through the shadows down an alley between two houses before entering the backyard belonging to the house. The house is being occupied by four guys. They are talking in a language he doen’t understand save for one word, Fransesco. Suddenly three of the guys arm themselves with severel weapons before exiting the house. Faeleas runs back to the car, and they follow the henchmen downtown, where they enter a large black building on the bank of the river Thames. John makes a quick hack and discovers that the building is most likely owned by a powerful company under the influence of vampires. They immediately drive back to the townhouse.

Shortly after they arrive, the fourth guys leaves the house. They decide to go inside and check the place out. In the house John finds two computers. Checking them out, he is able to find what he believes is the original file containing the footage from Longleat House. They exit the house leaving no trace of them being there and go back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel, the pack talks about their next move and decide to contact the vampire they think is Fransesco. John talks with him for a while and they agree to meet at Longleat, to exchange the remaining footage with the statues. They spend some time setting up a plan before they go out to the house and prepare for the exchange.

Even though the security has been increased, they manage to infiltrate the park without being spotted. Midnight draws close and Faeleas is sneaking around the park while the rest of the pack is waiting on the Umbra. Suddenly he notices four guys all dressed in black hiding in the park. Faeleas talks with Corriuch, and they start noticing that some things have changed around the park. All the lighting on the house has been turned off, and the security guards that were patrolling the park is gone.

Faeleas continues sneaking around with Corriuch as backup. From out of nowhere Faeleas is shot, the bullet leaves a massive wound at the side of his head. Corriuch brings the unconscious body of Faeleas to safety were he is guarded by Max, before hunting down the sniper. He crawls up to the top of the house where he has located not one but two snipers. He throws one of them of the roof as the other tries to escape by going inside the house. He doesn’t get very far before Corriuch catches him and takes and takes him out.

Outside John summons the packs totem, who basically have been on standby since they got out to the house. He ask the Stag to help the pack find any enemies located in the park. With the help of the stag they find 2 snipers along with 5 other henchmen. Corriuch takes out one sniper as John deals with the other. With help from Shaira the quickly take out the 5 soldiers, but not before the same Shaira is hit by a shotgun shell loaded with silver. After this the pack dig in, waiting for the vampire to show up.

A few minutes after midnight a guy wearing a suit appears. Shaira believes he recognize the guy as Fransesco. John is waiting at the foot of the large statue containing the gargoyles, and the rest of the pack is close by on the Umbra ready to attack, waiting for John’s signal.

As the guys comes closer John is certain it is Fransesco. The guy pulls out som discs from his jacket and without hesitation John changes to Crinos, pulls out his klaive and with a single strike takes off the vampires head. As he picks up the discs from the crumbling remains of the now dead vampire, Johns suddenly hears a helicopter taking off close by, but it disappears in the dark night before he has any chance of locating it.

Max takes Shaira and Faeleas back to London in the truck while Corriuch and John cleans up at the house. John pulls a hack and finds the suspected destination of the helicopter. When Max and the two wounded wolves arrive at London. They contact one of the Bone Gnawers who’s camped at Hyde Park, and he helps Max with Shaira and Faeleas.

John keeps tracking the helicopter. He sends a message to some local Glasswalkers to inform them about the situation. The helicopter has already left the city again, according to the local Glasswalkers Fransesco was probably on board when it left. John stops tracking it when as it enters France. John and Corriuch goes to London in a stolen car, where they pick up Shaira and Max. They leave Faeleas with the Bone Gnawers, where he can get some needed rest for both his body and spirit.

Wedensday, May 18. 2005

It’s early in the morning before the four Garou return to their hotel room. They are fatiqued by mental stress and physical exhaustion, so they spend the rest of the day recovering.

Thursday, May 19. 2005

Early in the morning they drive to Hyde Park, where Faeleas have been resting. They stay for a while at the camp, talking about what happened and what went wrong at Longleat. They discuss what their next move should be regarding Longleat and Fransesco. They decide to go out to Stonehenge to make contact with the sept.

At Stonehenge Christopher agrees to talk with the pack, and they manage to resolve som different issues about what has happened and what is going to happen. He tells them that thay are welcome to stay at the caern again and that they can continue their stay in England. As a precaution the sept has demanded that the pack shall not be allowed to travel alone until their business in England is finished. The pack is therefore introduced to a local Fianna Garou, Myrrdin McCain. He’s is going to keep an eye on the pack as well as try to help them tie up some loose ends.

After having talked for some time the pack and Myrrdin agrees that they need some more information about what these Gargoyles actually are and why the vampires are so interested in getting their hands on them. First stop in finding this information is the British Museum in London, where they know that at least one Gargoyle is on display.

They learn that the Gargoyle most likely comes from Longleat House. The museum have had it in possession for nearly 100 years. It was originally donated to the museum by a anonymous collector. Finding a dark corner in the room, Myrrdin sidesteps to take a closer look on the Gargoyle. He discovers that the statue is containing a powerful spirit but apparently the spirit is not active.

Afterwards they go to Longleat House, as they believe that their chances of investigating the Gargoyles are better there than at the museum. At Longleat Myrrdin spends five hours preparing a Rite of Summoning, trying to get into contact with a local Ancestor spirit, whom might have some connection with the house.

He is succesful is casting the rite, and with the help of the pack they manage to summon Sir Bradbury Wiltshire’s dad. He can’t tell them any useful information about the Gargoyles or anything else for that matter. He does give them a hint though, that Bradbury actually never left the house. They start searching the house for any evidence. Usinge the Questing Stone they learn that he seems to be located in the collapsed part of the basement.

Getting in to that part of the basement proves rather difficult, but in time the pack manage to enter the collapsed part of the basement. The air is thick with a scent of decay, making your stomach turn and beathing difficult. In one of the old cells they find the remains of Sir Bradbury. His condition can only be described as being basically rotted away. Closer inspections show that he somehow is still alive. They try communicating with him and they quickly learn that he can only barely manage a simple yes or no.

From him they learn that Rosemary is his mother, and that she was hung by his farther when she confronted the family with the truth that Bradbury was her son. His farther apparently had an affair with Rosemary resulting in the birth of Bradbury. He doesn’t know how he ended up with his farther instead of Rosemary. He actually didn’t know anything about his real mother until she showed up at the house one evening, where she crashed a party at the house yelling about Gargoyles and curses. At that moment she confronted Bradbury with the truth in front of his family. And later that night as she hung in the tree gasping and jerking, she cursed him with her final breath, as he stood there doing nothing looking from his farther on his horse to the dying eyes of his mother.

Friday, May 20. 2005

The pack gather at the Stonehenge caern, where Myrrdin starts preparing a Rite of Summoning, trying to contact Rosemary. He is certain that the ritual is succesful, but for some unknown reason nothing happens.

Corriuch summons the Stag and asks him for help. He tells the Stag to locate Rosemary’s spirit. They give the Stag what knowledge they already have about Rosemary, as well as their suspicion that she is somehow being held captive. If the Stag finds Rosemary he must contact the pack immediately without doing anything else.

After several hours the Stag return. He have located her spirit in London. The pack follows him to London, where he takes them to the “Black Box”. The pack realizes that this is the building where one of the old Longleat Gargoyles is located, and where the helicopter with Fransesco landed the other night.

They go back to Hyde Park to figure out how to deal with this situation. They have finally located Rosemary who they clearly need to get the final answers about the Gargoyles. The problem is that she is located in one of the most secure vampire locations in the city. Not a place they willingly wan’t to be. They seek some advice from the Bonegnawers, who’s got more experience with vampires than they do, and they learn that it is more or less impossible to leave that building alive once you’re inside, unless you have some trick up your sleeve they don’t know. Meanhwile John has set up a meeting with some local Glasswalkers, in one of their offices which is located near Waterloo Station.

At the Glasswalker office they meet Patrick (Homid, Philodox). they brief him about their situation and the current issue with “Black Box”. The pack tells him abut their plan which involves infiltrating the box from the Umbra. A difficult and very risky task, which requires someones who knows how to get there and how to get in. Patrick agrees to help the pack and he think he knows just the man for the job. The Glasswalkers of London has a Ragabash amongst them, who simply goes by the name “Locksmith”. If anybody can get the pack inside the box it will be him. Locksmith shows up a bit later and they start making a plan to get in and out of the building. Suddenly the pack recieves a warning from their totem. Rosemay is weakening and she is crying out for help. Without further delay they set of with Patrick in the lead.

Patrick opens the door to the Umbra and the rest follows him across the Gauntlet. Together they charge across the cityscape without any consideration to their own safety our to staying hidden. There is no doubt that time is of the essence.

They manage to fight their way to the “Black Box” and by using the many spirit webs connection the building, they reach their destination. Patrick convices a Weaver spirit to clear a path and open a door into the building for them. Once they’re inside Myrrdin sidsesteps and activates his fetish. Invisible to everybody in the building he quickly starts seraching for Rosemary. As soon as he finds her, he contacts the pack and they come running to her rescue.

They find her spirit trapped in a large black metal container. Some kind of strange device is attached to the container. It appears that the device is basically draining the essence from the spirit and going through a series of crude metalpipes, the essence ends in a machine where it is transformed into a green substance which resembles Banefire. When they enter the room an alarm goes off and a deafening sound fills the room. The sound is so high it pierces the mind with a numbing pain. After having overcome the initial shock the pack sets into action. With John and Patrick at the door having a minor shootout with some guards, the rest starts working on the machine. Myrrdin pulls out his sword and with a single powerful strike he cuts the connection between the container and the machine which then explodes in his face. Locksmith starts working on the container and after a short while he manages to open it. At this point the spirit of Rosemary is so weak it is barely visible. Shaira and Faeleas enter first, and they immediately start asking Gaia for help offering to weaken their own connection with Gaia in exchange for giving Rosemary parts of her strength back (in-game: they give up temporary Gnosis points to heal the spirits essence). As soon as Rosemary’s spirit is powerful enough, she disappers without a trace. The pack fight their way back to the place where they entered the building and the escape through the Umbra running as quickly as possible back to the camp in Hyde Park.

After a while at the camp, Will joins the pack along with their Totem and Rosemary. They spend the rest of the day recovering together at the camp.

Saturday, May 21. 2005

During the day Rosemary’s is finally strong enough to tell her story to the pack.

Rosemary’s real name is Eilín Catraoines. She was born of an irish family, who moved to England when she was still a baby. The family was very poor, and as a result they lived on the road in the company of local gypsies. When her parents die of disease, she’s adopted by one of the gypsies families. This is where she finds her interest for Gaia and at a young age learns that she is gifted with a natural and strong connection to the mother. As Eilín grows older she becomes a very beautiful and attractive woman, turning the head of every young man she walks past.

One night at a village festival, she runs into a young man she has never seen before. For the first and only time in her life she gives in to her tempation and lust. By the grace of Mother Gaia, Eilín becomes pregnant and 9 months later gives birth to a boy. She knows who the farther is, but not that he is the Count of Wiltshire. Few months after the birth the boy disappears. She suspects that he has been kidnapped but she has no knowledge of who might have done it.

Years go by and Eilín mourns the loss of her son. On several occasion she prays to Gaia asking her for help. Almost 10 years pass, before Gaia shows her the way towards Longleat House. When Eilín sees Bradbury for the first time, she has no doubt who he is. At the age of 10 he has already been named the heir to the house, being the only son in the family. Afraid that his farther will recognize her, she changes her name to Rosemary, before she settles down in a small abandoned cabin in the woods. From here she keeps an eye on her son, but wathing him grow up without being able to do anything, proves to be very hard for her. People at the house and the surrounding villages quickly decide, that the crazy woman living in the woods is a witch and at some point somebody names her Rosemary Blackeyes.

As Bradbury turns 15 his step-mother dies of “natural causes”. Eilín starts spending more time close to the house. She feels it might be time for her to tell Bradbury the truth. One night Gaia tells her that something is wrong at the house. When she gets there Eilín sees three mysterious figures lurking outside the house. Watching them from the distance she sees them performing feats beyond human ability and strength. Without hesitation or difficulty the three shadows removes one of the Gargoyles from the roof and brings it to the ground, where they load it up on a waiting wagon. Just as they are about to leave a guard suddenly appears. Before he can do anything one of the figures attacks the guard and after having struggled for a while the guard falls to the ground. As the wagon pulls away from the house, Eilín sneaks her way over to the guard. She is shocked when she discovers that he is dead, lying in a small pool of blood from a large wound in his neck. The second she touches the body an image flashes before her eyes of the assailant. She can’t see who he is, but she clearly sees his long fang and red eyes. Guided by Gaia Eilín learns that the Gargoyles somehow are cursed and fearing that their curse might somehow fall on her son she decides to warn him and the family.

Onseveral occasion she tries to convince Bradbury and his farther to take down the three remaining Gargoyles, doing so without revealing who she really is. Until one night she finally can’t take it anymore. She breaks into the house and confronts Bradbury and his farther not only with the curse but also with the truth. First she is thrown out of the house, but later a group of men, including her son and his farther takes her away and hangs her.

Having failed to do anything about the Gargoyles while still alive, she dedicates her afterlife to make sure they do not fall into the wrong hands. With the help af Gaia, some spirits and a little bit of good luck she is able to secure the Gargoyles in the secret compartment.

As the pack learned, the vampire Fransesco is indeed involved in this matter. Somehow he learned that the Gargoyles had once been on the house, and following many of the same leads as the pack did he finds Rosemary. With powers granting him control over spirits, he managed to summon and capture Rosemary. Having done so he forced her to send the visions to the pack luring them to Longleat, as he had learned that he would only be able to get his hands on the Gargoyles with the help of some Umbra travellers. What Fransesco doesn’t know, is that she collected several memories from their dreams, which she meanwhile used trying to scare them away and maybe warn them about who they were up against.

After Eilín have told her tale, they tell her that they have talked with her son, and that it is their belief that he is ready to ask for forgiveness. John offers to help her remain safe in the future by either crafting a fetish for her or with her. She is very grateful for the offer but she needs to think about before doing anything she might regret. She also has some unfinished business with her son at Longleat.

The pack talk with some of the Garou they have worked with in London, informing them about their finished business before they leave the city going back to Stonehenge to do the same. They decide to stay for a few weeks, to make sure that there won’t be any more problems with Longleat, Eilín or Fransesco.


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