The Heroes of Mt. Pocono is a story of a young, daring, bold and brave werewolf pack. It is a story of five Fianna Garou. Lupus and homid working together, a lost cub rescued by a pack he didn’t know, an Alpha struggling to find his position, a nation at war.

In time they grew stronger as they lost a member of their pack, found new allies, fought many an enemy and made several new along the way.

This is the tale of their accomplishments from the day they first met at Mt. Pocono, to the days that will come…

This is the story of a totally ordinary group of roleplayers.

The story begins in the year 2004. To be more specific, it began on a sunny Monday, the 18th of October at the crack of noon. This was where the players and I met to our first gaming session. We played for a little over two days, almost non stop. As the years have passed we have obviously played a lot more. And luckily there still is a lot more playing that has to be done in the future. Coming this fall, the campaign have outlasted anything i have ever played or GM’ed before, entering the tenth year. In-game though, our calender tells us we have only played a little over a year.

On this site, I will gather the information about our campaign, so we always know where we are and where we have been. After every gaming session, I will post new records of our game.

Catch you on the flip side.

Michael Mørk

Heroes of Mt. Pocono

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