Threefold Axe of the Guardian

weapon (melee)

Grand Klaive – Level 6, gnosis 7

The klaive that they found in Scotland, which Shaira has been carying since has many powers. It has been made by forging sttel, gold and silver together in one unique creation. All three metals bringing power to the weapon.
The steel have given the weapon it’s magical resistance, rendering it practically impossible to destroy, unless you use unbelievable powerful magic.
The gold and silver have given the weapon some powers against cratures, who are very vunerable to these specific metals. But since the weapon not has been forged by one metal but three, it is not powerful enough to gain all the advantages from the three metal, but only some of them.
The wood that holds the metals together, comes from an ancient oak that were cut down on the Umbra ruding a very powerful ritual. As a result of this, the wood is very powerful, and because of this is has been possible to bind three spirits in the same weapon.

In the wood of the Klaive, an ancestor spirit is bound. She is called Guennéan (the white spirit) and it is her the bearer calls upon, when activating the Klaive. She is also the one who contacts the bearer, if the spirits find the need to do so.

In the gold and the silver, a War spirit is bound (Taranis – thunder). The klaive has a damage of str. + 3. The amount of silver in the weapon is not enough to deliver truly silver damage, so creatures that are able to soak aggravated damge will also be able to soak the silver damage. However, there is still some amount of power left in the silver and gold. This means, that any creature that are vunerable to either silver or gold (vampires, fae, shapeshifters, mages) will recieve two extra dice of damage from this weapon (str. + 5). And as above, this damage can only be soaked if the creature can soak aggravated damage.
Because of the incredible power involved in forging the weapon and binding the spirits, it is only when the Klaive is activated, that the gold and silver will seperate and both metals become visible.

In the steel, there is a Guradian Spirit bound (Tigernos – Chief). To activate his power the wielder must press the blade against his forehead. When activated the steel shines with a cold blue tint. For the rest of the scene the wielder of the axe is almost immune to all mental attacks whether they be illusions, spells or dominate powers. In case of a very powerful attack the wielder may need to pass a willpower roll to resist. This power can be used once per day.


Threefold Axe of the Guardian

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