Spiders Fang



Spiders fang


The Klaive made for the Alpha of Johnathan’s old Dies Ultimae pack. As the only surviving member of his pack, it was only natural that Johnathan took the Klaive with him. Though it took some time, the Spirit in the klaive has now accepted Johnathan as its owner, allowing him to use the powers of the klaive. The glyphs on the Klaive still read Glasswalker, Ahroun, Alpha and the name and origin of the War Spirit bound within. In time, some of these glyphs might change. It is however only the power of the spirit itself, that can change the glyphs. And it will only do so, when it deems that Johnathan have done the Klaive, its former owner and his former pack great honor.

Spiders Fang

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