The Stag

The Pack Totem, taking form as a large stag


Gnosis : 7 – Used in place of Social and Mental Rolls.
Rage : 6 – Used in Place of Strength.
Also when fighting spirits the difficulty for damage rolls against them is their rage rather than the standard 6.
Willpower : 7 – Used in physical actions, in place of Dexterity and Stamina.
Essence : 20 – This is essentially the spirits health.

Charms : (Charms are further Specified on page 237 of the core book)
Airt Sense : Can navigate the Umbra, finding and creating spirit paths. To locate an individual or location in the umbra the spirit must succeed a gnosis roll.
Armour : The spirit can give up 2 essence to gain [Gnosis] extra dices in it’s soak pool for the remainder of the scene.
Healing : The spirit can make a gnosis roll to heal a target, each succes heals one level of damage. the Difficulty is 6 for lethal damage and 8 for aggravated. This power can only be used once per target per scene.
Materialize : The spirit can take form in the physical world if it’s [Gnosis] equals or surpasses the gauntlet in the area.
Reform : Can “Dissolve” and reform at it’s home domain. Using this ability to flee an enemy requires a gnosis roll.

Other Abilities :
Members of the “Young Claws” pack can communicate with the spirit without spirit speech
The spirit can always locate members of the “Young Claws” pack.
Members of the “Young Claws” pack can communitcate through the spirit over great distances.
Members of the “Young Claws” pack have a pool of 3 additional Willpower dices per Story.
Members of the “Young Claws” pack have a pool of 3 additional Survival dices per Story.
One member of the “Young Claws” pack at a time have an additional stamina dice for the purpose of Long Distance Running.


The Stag

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