Heroes of Mt. Pocono

Part IX - The Lost Cause

Tuesday, June 6. 2005

Early in the morning, Myrrdin joins the pack at their camp. He talks to them about his farther. The spirit who told him the truth said that it was up to him, to seek the truth and to reveal it to the nation. Myrrdin has no doubt that Gaia have given him this quest to salvage what is left of his family’s honour and restore it’s power as well as save his farther. He has decided that the time is right for him to follow his quest, and he asks the pack to join him.

Myrrdin tells the entire tale to the pack. Shaira hears the story and with Gaia as his witness sees the truth. The pack decides to help Myrrdin with his quest. Myrrdin talks with Christopher and he gives Myrrdin the permission on behalf of the Sept, to follow his quest.

Myrrdin have been thinking about how to start his quest, and he have come to the conclusion that the ruins of the once proud McCain castle will be a good start. Travelling north in a rented Land Rover, they enter Scotland at nightfall.

Wednesday, June 7. 2005

After a quick breakfast the pack continues towards the castle. John and Myrrdin takes the car while the rest takes the Umbra. At the castle some of them stays on the Umbra, following the rest on the other side, looking for clues in both places.

They find several traces telling them that they are in the right place, unique glyphs and old wardings which have been placed there by the Garou members of the McCain clan. None of these gives them any information regarding Gaerwyn’s location.

After a while they find the remnants of an old Rite circle in the umbra. A Garou has obviously been casting at least one if not several Rites on this very spot. Having investigated the circle and the few spirit traces still there, Myrrdin knows that the Garou in question is his farther and that he amongst other rites have cast a Warding Rite which protects him from being located by the Questing Stone.

To test this theory Myrrdin starts preparing the Questing Stone, recreating and using the same circle as his farther did earlier. The rite itself has no effect as suspected, but apparently his farther have left a message for Myrrdin encoded in one of the Glyphs in the circle. Just as Myrrdin finishes the rite he hears his farthers voice.

I shall not be found yet. You must find him first. Seek out my old pack, maybe they can show you the way.

Before leaving the area they make contact with the old Gamekeeper (Kinfolk), who maintains the ruins as part os his retirement. according to him it has been many years since any Garou stayed at the castle, revealing that he didn’t know that Gaerwyn had been there. The last wolf he saw was a strange young fellow from the north named Håkon. Obviously a nobody.

They head back towards Stonehenge, to learn more about Gaerwyn’s old pack. On the way there they make a stop, as Myrrdin uses Questing Stone for the pack. revealing that they are at a very great distance from them, somewhere in the southeast part of Europe.

When they arrive at Stonehenge later that day, they learn that the last time the Sept heard from the pack, was when they were in Brussels. John sends a message to the Glasswalkers in Brussels, to hear if they have any information about the pack. They spend the rest of the day trying to find more information about the pack and their missions, as they wait for an answer from Brussels.

Thursday, June 8. 2005

The Glasswalkers haven’t got much information about the pack. Apparently they were in the city on a hunt for vampires. There were a struggle amongst some of the leeches, where a Black Spiral Dancer with connections to some easteuropean/russian mobsters, had tried to gain some control over the territory. In cooperation with several other local packs they managed to control the situation before it escalated. After this the pack left the city in search for the Dancer and his crew. To confirm the Glasswalker’s story Corriuch makes contact with a Children of Gaia sept living near Brussels, who tells the basically the same story. They can tell him however, that the pack has last been seen heading towards the Balkans.

After having talked for a while, the pack decides to go directly to the Balkans, hoping to be able to catch up with Gaerwyn’s old pack. Before leaving Stonehenge they seek some counsel from one of the Ahrouns, who have recently been involved in the war in Europe and who knows a thing or two about the Balkans.

As they suspected and feared, the Balkans is not a happy place. Years of civil war and the massacres of thousands of civilians, along with a history of being a powerful vampire territory, have basically left it scorned by many Garou. The place is a spawning pool of Wyrm soldiers of all sorts and as such is also one of the most vital battlefields in the everlasting war. Very few Garou go there and even fewer stay. Though it is rumoured that both the Silver Fangs as well as the Shadow Lords still have control over some of the oldest caerns in the region. But as nobody outside the Balkans have talked to any of these Septs for decades, this remains nothing but speculation. The Ahroun offers them a final warning, if you go there and you decide to travel across the Umbra… do not travel alone and under no circumstance at night.

Friday, June 9. 2005

After having boarded a plane thursday night, the pack and Myrrdin arrive at Belgrade early in the day. They check their surroundings and the territory. They find a quiet place on the outskirts of town, where Myrrdin sets up a new Rite of Questing.

Having discussed his findings after a successful rite, the pack and Myrrdin takes another flight, this time they are going to Vienna. However due to a delayed flight and a minor detour to Hamburg, the clock is well past midnight when the finally arrive at Vienna. Exhausted after a long day of travelling they check in at a hotel in the airport, where they go to rest.

Saturday, June 10. 2005

At dawn Myrrdin is ready with another Questing Rite. He can sense they are getting closer to Gaerwyn’s old pack, so they rent two cars and start driving south in the direction Myrrdin had found through his rite. After a few hours of driving they park the cars high up in the mountains. Myrrdin and Courriuch sidesteps and runs farther up the mountain. At the top they start calling out to the pack. A short while later Gaerwyn’s pack answers. They run for a few miles before they meet the Alpha of the pack, Caél. After the initial greetings they bring the rest of the wolves from the cars and go to their camp.

At the camp they meet the rest of Gaerwyn’s old pack. They talk for a while about Myrrdin’s father and Myrrdin’s current quest. Caél tries to help the pack by telling them about the mission they were on before Gaerwyn was convicted.

They were searching for a nest of Black Spirals. The hunt had led them to the Balkans where they found a trace pointing further south. Late one night as they are continuing south, they are ambushed. They quickly realize that they are outnumbered at least three to one. Gaerwyn orders the pack “fight to survive, stay alive, each man for himself”. They manage to get away alive. For some reason the enemy force doesn’t track them at first. After the ambush the pack is badly wounded and their journey afterwards is proving to be very difficult. They are forced to keep a low profile so the enemy won’t find them again, which slows down the process of their hunt. Besides this it is obvious at this point that Gaerwyn has changed. Something happened the night at the ambush. When they finally reach their destination the trace has gone cold and they immediately decide to go back to Stonehenge. During the pack’s journey towards Stonehenge, they make camp one night on a hillside in Austria, outside a city called Graz. This is the night where Gaerwyn leaves the camp and is later found by his pack at the tivoli. As soon as they learn what has happened in the tivoli, they make for Stonehenge in great haste.

Caél tells the pack how to find the tivoli and gives them the information about their lead in Serbia, in case the pack decides to follow this in their hunt for Gaerwyn’s twin brother. Afterwards they say goodbye to Caél and the rest of the pack, thanking them for the help. They retrieve the cars and drive towards the tivoli.

The pack drive for less than an hour before they reach the tivoli. The enter and take a look around the place. Max and John goes for some rides in a rollecoaster. Myrrdin and Corriuch goes to the Umbra while Shaira and Faeleas keeps watch. On the Umbra Myrrdin succesfully summons a local Bear Spirit. They talk with the Bear and he tells them some interesting things about the night of the massacre. Having witnessed most of the horrors that happened that night, he knows there were two Garou present. He also tells them that the local fortune teller, who’s still living here, asked the spirits to help her save one of the Garou who was apparently wounded. With the help of several spirits including the Bear himself she managed to banish some evil forces which had infested the Garou. Later when night became day several Garou suddenly appeared, however they left quickly taking the wounded Garou with them.

When Myrrdin and Corriuch returns they discuss the new information with the rest of the pack. They need to talk with the fortune teller. To make sure they don’t freak her out entirely Myrrdin enters her tent alone, as the rest of the pack stands guard outside the tent.

It is clear to Myrrdin that she is surprised to see him, and he has no doubt that she recognizes him as he looks like a younger version of his father. Myrrdins tells her who his father is, and that he has come to talk with her about the night she saved him. She tells Myrrdin more or less the same story as the Bear. She doesn’t know what happened in the tivoli, as she only made contact with Gaerwyn as he lay unconscious on the ground. When she had saved him, she took him to her trailer where she cleaned him up a bit and kept him hidden from the police. When he woke up later they talked for a while about who and what he is and where he came from. She didn’t however get a chance to saying goodbye, as he somehow left without a trace, while she was outside talking with the police. The Fortune Teller gives Myrrdin the three bullets which she pulled out of the wounds in Gaerwyn’s body when she healed him. Myrrdin asks if there is anything he can do for her, to which she replies “Stay alive, and bring him back. I would very much like to see him again”. Myrrdin leaves the tent and together with the rest of the pack he finds a place where they can talk.

The pack is talking when Myrrdin suddenly hears someone calling out his name. As he gets up and looks in the direction of the voice he sees the Fortune Teller, she is searching the crowd for him. As soon as she locates him she starts running towards him. She doesn’t get very far before she falls to the ground, shot in the head. Before Myrrdin or anybody else has a chance to react they hear gunfire, several shots being fired close by and immediately the crowd panics.

Myrrdin runs to the Fortune Teller, he kneels down and saves her by using Mothers Touch, afterwards he picks her up, and fights his way through the crowd to her trailer. The rest of the pack spreads out and start searching for the shooters. Max takes the right flank, underway he saves a young woman and her child who’s almost crushed by the panicking crowd. Faeleas goes to the Umbra. Shaira and John fight their way through the crowd going the opposite direction. Corriuch sees that Max is struggling with the crowd and follows him. Suddenly John spots a guy who’s not panicked but who looks like he’s searching for someone. John follows him and when he pulls out a gun John takes him out and hides the unconscious body in an empty shooting gallery. Corriuch spots some incoming police and warns John, who hides in the gallery. Max and Shaira reach the end of the crowd. They didn’t find any shooters so they go to the Umbra where they meet Faeleas. Shaira immediately sends Faeleas and Max out to do a perimeter check. Max catches the scent of something supernatural and not Garou. Faeleas picks up a trail from a Black Spiral which he follows. Suddenly he is attacked from behind by the Spiral. As soon as he sees the Black Spiral Dancer, Max howls so any Garou in the vicinity knows the enemy are here. He then runs to help Faeleas, the Spiral retreats and open a portal from which two more emerge. Max charges one of them with his claws and teeth first, however the Spiral simply grapples Max and pulls him through the portal. Faeleas sees this and immediately runs towards the portal. The remaining two Spirals are flanking him making ready to attack him from both sides at once. Without thinking he activates his Battlescar Fetish and as the two Spirals reach him he makes a simple jump and feeling light as a feather he dodges the incoming flurry of claws and teeth without a scratch. Faeleas jumps headfirst through the portal. Corriuch heard Max’s howl as he entered the Umbra, and with Shaira at his side he charges the two Spirals. One of the Spirals attacks them and though Shaira and Corriuch destroyes it without hesitation, it just manages to slow them down enough, so that the remaining Black Spiral Dancers can escape through the portal and close it.

Meanwhile on the other side, John is still hiding in the shooting gallery. As he sees the police closing on his position he calls out for help. He explains that he saw the unconscious guy drawing a gun and he knocked him out to make sure he didn’t hurt anyone. An officer makes a quick search of John before he handcuffs him and puts him down next to the unconscious guy. Two officers goes to the Fortune Teller’s trailer and knocks on the door. John sees that Myrrdin opens the door, but before they have a chance to talk with him, shooting erupts at the other side of the tivoli and they run over to help their colleagues. John uses the distraction to get out of the handcuffs and sneak away.

On the Umbra Shaira and Corriuch makes contact with Myrrdin, and together they follow John as he sneaks around the tivoli on the other side. John is trying to recover and delete any surveillance footage that will contain pictures of the pack. Using his hacking skills he learns that several trailers in the tivoli has their own surveillance, most of these recordings are stored in old school VHS tapes. The files John gains access to doesn’t hold any information regarding the surveillance of the trailers. John exchanges a quick word with Shaira, and they agree that they need to get a hold of those tapes or at the very least destroy them. As a more or less desperate plan, John turns himself over to the police. He is escorted to one of the waiting patrol cars outside the tivoli where he is put in the back, alongside a shaken and troubled Fortune Teller. After a while they are taken to the local police station in Gratz.

At the police station the pack stays hidden on the Umbra, peeking out from time to time, to make sure nothing is totally wrong. John’s stay at the station takes a lot longer than he had hoped for. On several occasions he tries to convince the officers that they have to let him go, as they haven’t charged him with anything. A young detective is questioning John, and he gets a feeling that the detective knows more than he should. John manages to send a message to the pack asking them to contact the American Consulate. They need to know that the police is holding an american citizen against his will. Myrrdin sidesteps to make the call, and stays as a lookout on the other side. After a while a large black car arrives. Myrrdin who’s still waiting besides the police station recognizes the vampire in the car for what he is. Without any trouble the vampire gains access to the police station and gets John released, though he apparently doesn’t know that John is a werwolf. On his way out, John manages to place one of his cellphones in a box with some of the evidence from the tivoli. The phone has been rigged to ignite if called. He hopes it will do so with enough force to set the rest of the evidence on fire and hopefully also the surveillance tapes.

Meanwhile Myrrdin has warned the rest of the pack about the leech, and Shaira and Corriuch are standing by, ready to stop the car. John’s focus is still on the evidence as he gets in the car, so he doesn’t realize what he’s getting in to the car with. In the car he takes out his other phone and calls the burnphone, the leech is already busy talking in his own phone. As the car closes on the waiting Corriuch, he jumps out of hiding and broadsides the car, forcing it into a collision with an oncoming car. Inside the car the leech and John are thrown on the floor of the car. The leech can’t control himself with shock and anger, and as he reveals his true self John reacts immediately. John draws his klaive and attacks the vampire striking him twice and wounding him severly, before it tries to escape out of the car. John follows him and with a single strike takes off his head. Shaira joins John and they follow Myrrdin to the Umbra where they are joined by Corriuch.

They go back to the police station to see if John’s plan with the burnphone worked. It appears that the phone did in fact ignite. The fire however was put out before it could do any serious damage. Having talked about possible solutions they agree that there isn’t much they can do about the surveillance footage right now. So they turn their focus towards Max and Faeleas. So far all evidence they have found and all experience they have tells them, that their two packmates most likely have gone to Malfeas. Every wolf knows that a trip to Malfeas is considered a one-way trip. Any Garou who goes there is considered as good as dead. Even with this information the pack decides that they are not going to let Faeleas and Max die in that place without at least trying to save them.

They make contact with some local Garou, and inform them about the situation. They let them know that if anybody needs to contact the pack, it will have to be through their totem. Shaira calls for the Stag. When the Stag comes Shaira asks him to show them the way to Malfeas and the location of Faeleas and Max.

To be continued…


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