Heroes of Mt. Pocono

Part IV - The Battle of New York

October 27. 2004

During the night Shaira is haunted by dreams and visions. When they wake up, they consult Mother Larissa, who apparently also had similar dreams during the night. After having talked about the dreams they hurry across the city, to check out Magadon’s HQ. When they arrive at the scene, they see a van trying to get away. The problem is that the van is being intercepted by a frenzied Garou. They discover the Garou to be Cano, the Red Talon who disappeared. In the van they find the unconscious body of Simon Gentle. Max takes a look at the onboard GPS system in the car, and quickly discovers some interesting mails:

RE: Advice
From: johndoe4832@gmail.com
Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 11:33:12 pm
To: mobile1@magadon.ny.us


Prepare to move both subjects at first light.

New destination will be given later.

Date: Tue, October 26, 2004 11.27.45 pm
Subject: Advice
From: mobile1@magadon.ny.us
To: johndoe4832@gmail.com

One of the dogs is waking up. I fear that we won’t
be able to restrain him further without incident.
And I fear that he may wake the other dog.
What is Your advice Sire?

From: johndoe4832@gmail.com
Sent: Wedensday, October 27, 2004 07:15:42 am
To: mobile1@magadon.ny.us


Bring the subjects to RP Charlie.
Reinforcements will await there.
I will return to the city after sunset,
at which time you will bring the dogs to me.
Details on this move, will follow.


They hijack one of the Magadon vans and head for the destination.

At RP Charlie they run into three Black Spiral Dancers along with a few goons. They quickly dispatch of the goons and one BSD. The remaining BSD’s make a run for it. Cano and Corriuch hunts them down. One is spread out across the railroad tracks and the other is destroyed on a rooftop at Roosevelt Island. Afterwards they head back to Central Park to have a talk with Silver Tail and Cano.
When the dust have settled and Gentle has been brought back safely, Max, Corriuch and Cano go back out to RP Charlie to make further investigations, which they didn’t have time to earlier. They find the cage that had been built to contain the prisoners. The keep the onboard computer/GPS system, in case they might be able to intercept any messages regarding the key or the book.

October 28. 2004

Finally it has come down to this. Less than 20 hours before Luna shines with her brightest light as she grows full. Having rested part of the night in the care of Mother Larissa and her tribe, the pack is on their feet again, ready to make the final push. They try questing for Simon Francis Smith again, and this time they are more successful. They believe he is being kept around “Ground Zero”. They know that the construction site surrounding Ground Zero is heavily guarded, so there is no chance for them to enter that way. Going through the umbra is impossible because of the major Wyrm activity at the site. They decide that the only way in, is to go through the subway tunnels were they hope to find an access to the remains of the old WTC tunnels.

On the subway platform, they look for a way to get down the tunnels unseen. Suddenly they recognize one of the guys who worked for Fransesco. They follow him into the tunnels, but after a while he discovers them and disappears. They keep searching for him, and come across some homeless people who have made a home for themselves in a closed area of the tunnels. They talk to one of them, he is very afraid, tells them he’s seen something that looks like them before, it terrified him. He’s to afraid to do anything. One of the other homeless guys overheard the conversation, and offers to help if they pay him. He leads them through the tunnels to an entrance to the old WTC.

They sneak around in the dark, picking their way trying to remain hidden. They reach the remnants of an old subway platform, where they are attacked by three fomori. Suddenly a bright light appears behind the largest fomori, and it is drawn back through the light. Without hesitation, Cano jumps into the light. As the last two fomori are defeated, the rest of the pack jumps into the light. The light apparently functions as a kind of portal. They find themselves in a long white and incredibly bright corridor. Further ahead of them they can see Cano. They can also see how it seems like the light is turned off and how Cano is suddenly engulfed in darkness.

Cano feels the chill as the hairs rise on his neck, before the darkness overcomes him. It feels like it is trying to catch him, restraining his movement. A screaming voice goes through every bone in his body. He can feel it’s agony and frustration. Suddenly the darkness disapears as quickly as it came. The rest of the pack catch up with Cano, and they continue down the seemingly endless coridor. Suddenly, out of nowhere they are ambushed by two BSD. Faeleas saw them coming out of the wall. When they have destroyed them, they use their bodies to open the secret doors in the walls. This gives them access to the old caves. They sneak their way through the cold and dark caves before coming to a heavy metal door. In the room they find the body of Simon Francis Smith in a large silver cage. Screams echo through the cave as they release Simon from his prison. They also manage to recover the book containing the ritual in the room. Cano and Max quickly destroys a small group of goons before three BSD shows up and the pack decides to retreat. On the way out Max catches a silver bullet with his shoulder. When they return to the subway tunnel, a spirit appears and guides them through the tunnels to a subway platform were Silver Tail is waiting for them. The quickly drive to Central Park, where they rest and heal.

Around 6.00 pm., the GPS from the Magadon van recieves a mail:

From: johndoe4832@gmail.com
Sent: Wedensday, October 27, 2004 06:02:41 pm
To: mobile1@magadon.ny.us


Bring the dogs to the kennel at the corner of
W 146 and Broadway.

Use the back entrance from W 147


It appears that this F.G. hasn’t realised that “the dogs” refered to in the mails, whom the pack believe to be Gentle and Cano, never made it to RP Charlie. The pack quickly head for the kennel in the stolen Magadon van. On site they find a couple of goons who are taken care of without problems. Shortly thereafter a helicopter lands on top of the building. Fransesco escorted by 5 goons exit the helicopter. Three goons take the lift downstairs. The pack ambush and kill them without hesitation. Cano jumps up on the roof and tries to wrestle with the metal bird. He is shot by Fransesco who flees across the rooftops. Cano and Corriuch runs after him. After a while they loose the trace and return to the kennel. Max and Shaira have been checking the rest of the house and the basement finding nothing. They meet up with the others on the roof and decide to travel to the umbra in search of the Klaive.

Meanwhile things are starting to come alive in New York. On the umbra an massive force of Wyrm soldiers and monster are emerging from the two black towers. So far the Garou defenses are still holding, but the line grows thinner by every minute and darkness is still pouring out. In Central Park Mother Larissa and Silver Tail are preparing the ritaul, to bring back Simon Francis Smith. As they look up in the sky, they can both see and feel the dark skies that are blocking out the stars. The only thing that penetrates the darkness is the moon, glowing with an omnious red glow… Now there is no place to hide. This is the final battle of New York. If they are not successful in destroying the Wyrm forces on this very night, it is doubtful if they will ever see the sun rise again.

Entering the Umbra, Shaira contacts the spirit that helped them earlier in the subway. They talk with her, and she tells them that she might know were the key is. But if they want her help, they have to answer a riddle first

What is it you have to answer?
But to answer you have to ask?
And to ask you have to speak?
And to speak you have to know, The answer.
- A riddle.

When they give her the correct answer, she shows them the way. But only if they promise to save Simon Francis Smith. The spirit takes the pack through an hidden entrance to an ancient cave. They would probably never have found the cave, or the way through the maze of coridors which the spirit leads them through. They are running deep within enemy lines, but somehow they manage to remain hidden. When they finally exit the cave, it feels like jumping from the ashes and directly into the flames.

They have gone so deep behind enemy lines, that they are cut of from the main attack. Everywhere around them BSD, fomori and other creatures are concentrated in a giant ritual. In the large green circle of fire a portal opens and a giant massive monster with an unspeakable grotesque presentaion of something that once resembled a wolf, emerges. Many of the Wyrm creatures that have participated in the ritual are overcome with either fear or joy and simply leap into the flames killing themselves as they do. The thing takes a step foward chrushing several creatures underneath it’s massive trunklike legs. The ground shakes with every step it takes.

The Garou forces manage to catch some momentum, suddenly breaking through the first line of Wyrm attackers. Only do they discover to late the huge mistake as they stand before the spawn of Wyrm. With a single strike the monster destroyes two Garou and sends another three flying through the air.

The pack throw themselves into the fight. Someone notices the lifecord of the spawn. From what appears to be from the backbone, a long green vein runs across the battlefield and into the portal which is still open. Several Garou start attacking the vein, in an effort to sever it. It appears though that they do very little except attract the attention of the spawn itself. As the fighting continues darkness and death are becoming absolute. Everywhere around you lies bodies and corpses. And just as you hear yourself thinking, this is the end, you hear song and music. The song is the ancient language of the Garou and the singer is your packmate Will, dancing his way through the battle, cutting the enemy down with his swords as well as his song, you feel uplifted. You can hear how the remaining Garou howl in the night preparing for the last minute of their lives. The following seconds feel like hours. Outnumbered 10 to 1 the Garou make an astonishing last stand. Suddenly a howl like none you have ever heard before pierces the night, the ancient Fianna Ahroun, the original wielder of the Klaive, comes flying through the air Klaive in hands. He lands behind the spawn and with a single powerful strike, he severs the vein of the spawn.

The scream rips across the umbra tearing every black souls and fomori to a thousand pieces. Everybody are thrown to the ground by the forces suddenly unleashed. As you look up to the sky you can see the two black towers collapsing engulfing everything in darkness once more. After a while the dust settles. The towers are gone, the fire has gone out and there is not a single trace of any Wyrm creature left. The Fianna Ahroun appears before Shaira handing him the Klaive. Afterwards the pack find the body of Will, who sadly lost his life in the final battle.

The following weeks are used for mourning. There are held several burial moots, every fallen Garou is put to rest with honor and glory. The survivers take care of each other and together rebuild what have been destroyed. The Red Talon Pack, visits the pack at Mt. Pocono for a couple of days. And the Young Claws get an open invitation to visit the Talons in Canada. As the days go by the Garou nation is beginning to prosper again. The war has finally ended, peace has come and the sun is shining again.


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