Heroes of Mt. Pocono

Downtime IV - Celebration

In the days following the rescue of Rosemary, the pack spends a lot of time around Stonehenge. The pack does their part as visitors to the sept, participating in the daily security rutines and the hunt. Meanwhile the pack also finds time to do some training.

Monday, April 30. 2005

In celebration of the dawning of the light half of the year, the Fianna holds a feast at May Day as spring turns to summer, a feast known as Beltane. This year the pack celebrates these days with the Sept of Stones.

It is indeed a day of good times as the pack drinks and fights their way through the festival. During the night Johnathan and Myrrdin are sitting at a table talking. Myrrdin tells Johnathan the story of his farther.

The McCain Clan is an old and famous family of Fianna Garou. The story of the clan’s glory and honour have been told at numerous bonfires. Myrrdin’s farther Gaerwyn McCain, is often named amongst the most revered Garou of the Fianna tribe. Until a tragic night almost three years ago.

Gaerwyn and his pack had been chasing a nest of Black Spiral Dancers for almost a year. The information they had gathered led them to believe that the Dancers where planning to infiltrate the Garou nation with som Wyrm agents. On a cold winter night, the pack found themselves in the remnants of a small village in a dark part of the Balkans. Here the pack was suddenly ambushed by a strong force, presumeably the same force they had been hunting. Outnumbered the pack was fighting for their lives. However they managed to overcome the force and break their attack. In the heat of combat Gaerwyn had been seperated from the rest of the pack, and it was almost an hour after the fighting had stopped before they found him alive and unscathed.

However something had changed in Gaerwyn. His pack has later described how he in the following weeks seems more and more troubled. His mind is dark and he has a hard time forcusing on the task. On several occasions he reacts with anger and a few times almost hatred, when the pack confronts him.

Travelling north on their way back to Stonehenge, the pack has set up a camp in the mountains of Austria. Since the ambush in the Balkans, they have seen nothing of their enemy, so they have decided to go back and stay at Stonehenge through the winter. Their Theurge also believes that it might help Gaerwyn find his true self again. During the night Gaerwyn disappears while on watch. When the pack notices that he is gone, they immediately start looking for him fearing the worst.

It is not until early that morning when they find him, several miles away at a small tivoli. He is alive though he is obviously wounded. He have been helped by a local fortune teller, who apperently took him in during the night, cleaned some of his wounds and kept him hidden from the police. Unfortunately this is not what worries the pack. They bloodshed and mayhem that greets them when they enter the park. An untold numbers of what appears to be civilian men, women and children have been brutually slaugthered and dismembered in what looks like one of the worst frenzy massacres the pack has ever seen. They quickly bring the still weak Gaerwyn to the umbra and make for Stonehenge. It doesn’t take long for the news of the attack to reach Stonehenge, as well as the surveillance footage from the tivoli.

Back at Stonehenge Gaerwyn is met by a trial for the crimes he has committed. Gaerwyn McCain calls upon his innocence. He has no memory of the night after arriving at the tivoli. He doesn’t even remember why he went there in the first place. All he remembers is waking up with the fortune teller, who helped him and kept him hidden from the cops.

At the trial the surveillance footage from the tivoli is used as evidence against Gaerwyn. The pictures that comes from several different cameras, clearly shows a Garou in a frenzy mayhem in the tivoli, killing anything in that comes in his way. The images are not perfect, but it is easy to make out several marks in the fur of the Crinos. The same marks can be found on in the fur of Gaerwyn McCain.

Presented with the evidence, Gaerwyn have no choice but to accept the outcome of the trial. Though he claims that he is innocent, he can’t deny what the evidence shows, he must face his punishment. Suffering the Voice of the Jackal and an Ostracism, Gaerwyn is thrown out of the sept.

Filled with remorse and guilt Gaerwyn leaves the caern immediately travelling north. Within the next few days he disappears, and has not been seen since.

As a part of the Sept Myrrdin was also present at his farthers trial, though he had nothing to do with his punishment. A while after the trial, Myrrdin was contacted by an Ancestor spirit of his Clan. This spirit told him, that it had been in contact with his farther. The spirit knows the truth, Gaerwyn McCain is innocent. The spirit doesn’t know who or what is responsible, only that Myrrdin’s father didn’t commit the crimes is has been punished for.

The Galliard in John keeps listening as Myrrdin tells his tale. Besides Myrrdin and his farther, the only living member of the family is Myrrdin’s aunt, his farthers older sister. His aunt is not Kinfolk or in any other way related to the Garou nation. But Johnathan is still worried that something or someone might locate her and try to harm her, in an effort to get to Myrrdin and his farther. Myrrdin is convinced that his aunt is safe as she have had no connection with him or his dad for several years. To prove his point John decides to show how easy she can be found. He spends one hour hacking some different databases before he finds some old records containing information about the McCain family. The records are copies of some old handwritten birth certificates which the midwife wrote. To Myrrdin’s surprise, he learns, that according to these records, his farther has a twin brother. Myrrdin has no memory of this brother and Christopher later ensures him that the Garou nation didn’t know anything about him either.

John and Myrrdin decides to go to London immediately to talk with his aunt. She lives in a quiet suburb on the outskirts of London. The street is dark, and only a few lights is on in the house. They park the car down the road and walk up to the front door. A man answers the door, a short while later aunt Betty comes to the door. She is very surprised to see Myrrdin but invites them in. When Myrrdin tells her what they want to talk about, she quickly sends her male friend home. Myrrdin asks her some of the questions he always wanted to ask but never had the chance to do.

Betty doesn’t know what Myrrdin or his farther is. All she knows is, that they’re different in a good way. They’re part of something that she cannot and shall not try to explain to herself or anybody else. When they confront her with the twin brother, she tries to remember him. The evidence is clear and she has a feeling that she ought to know him, given her own age at the birth. But sadly she has no memory of him. They continue to talk for several hours, and as the hour grows late John and Myrrdin decides to spend the night at Betty’s place.

Tuesday, May 1. 2005

The following morning Myrrdin and John convinces Betty to go away for a while, just to make sure she is safe. John knows some people in New York who can help by looking out for her for some time. They take her to the airport where she takes the first plane to New York. Afterwards they return to Stonehenge to join the remaining celebration.

In the days following the celebration of Beltane the pack continue their stay at Stonehenge, where they work, train and hunt. They get to spend some more time with Myrrdin getting to know him better. Aunt Betty is safe in New York, where she is currently staying with some local kinfolk, who will be showing her the city and taking care of her, until told otherwise by John or Myrrdin.

When the time is right and the pack for once is without the company of any local Garou, John tells them the story about Gaerwyn McCain, as Myrrdin told it to him.


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