Heroes of Mt. Pocono

Downtime III - Cleaning up in L.A.

After having talked with Simon Gentle and Simon Francis Smith, the pack decides to stay in L.A. until the worst troubles have passed. The pack helps the locals rebuild the caern and maintain the necessary level of security. Meanwhile they also spend some time trying to figure out, what happened to the many Garou, who left the city.

They quickly uncover, that the stories they have been told from different Garou in the city, all are true. After having had several sessions with some local spirits, and after having talked with different sources in England and Europe, they manage to put some of the pieces together.

It appears that at least 14 Glasswalkers of 2nd and 3rd Rank has travelled to different locations in Europe to assist the Garou nation in several different battles againt the Wyrm. The pack are able to establish contact with three of these Garou, who are all shocked when they hear about the situation in L.A. Acording to the three Glasswalkers, the former sept leader had no intention of leaving the city, and they are all horrified when they hear, that the caern was lost. One of the Glasswalkers, tells them that he will return to L.A. as soon as possible, to help Roger get everything under control. The remaining 11 Glasswalkers, they can’t reach or locate. Besides the 14 Glasswalkers, the pack manage to track down 5-10 Garou of different tribes, who are mentioned in Roger’s files as members of the L.A. Sept, however they are unsuccesful in reaching any of these personally. They learn that at least 4 of them are still alive and engaged in different battles in Europe. The one Garou they are having the most troubles finding is the old leader of the Galsswalker tribe and the Sept. Apperently there are no traces of him anywhere.

During the week, the pack are invited to attend the first moot in the newly reclaimed Caern. At the moot they hold a funeral for the newly departed Gaoru. The mood is dark and grim, but as the nigth progresses it slowly changes. Stories are told, songs are sung, pibes are lit and the fallen are truly honored.
After having spend about a week in L.A. the pack returns to New York.

Back on Mt. Pocono, Charlie and a couple of kinfolk from the city, have been working hard to improve security on the farm. The work is far from done, but several improvements have already been made. An alarmsystem including a CCTV surveillance system is already installed. The house and the barn has been improved and strengthened in several critical areas, and they have begun the excavation to make a basement in the barn.

The mood is, as so often before, very good at Mt. Pocono. For once it seems like peace and quiet have settled over city of New York. In the following weeks the pack spend a lot of time working for the Sept and for once they rarely see each other. Even though the pack at the moment is a lot stronger than they have been in a long time, it seems like there is some kind of unrest in their soul. It is an unrest of which they can find no source, but it is also an unrest which they cannot ignore. And then the dreams begin…

Faeleas seems to be off balance, distant and unfocused. At one point he runs into the city and doesn’t return until four days later exhausted, tired and unable to explain what has happened. He has a hard time finding rest. He can’t sleep and his dreams often end in nightmares.you’re in a large garden… very old… you’re lost… you hear shouting, several voices… you run along the hedge… you’re running for help…you see light in a building in front of you… the doors open and you are engulfed in darkness that pulls you down making it impossible to breathe. He wakes up bathed in sweat, with a clammy taste of blood in his mouth.

The full moon appears to have taken control over Courrich, who’s usually both calm and focused. He’s getting into fights with other Garou on a daily basis, and Mother Larissa has expressed her concern for the spirit guide she once saw within him. you’re in a large garden… very old… you’re lost… you call out, calling to someone, you don’t know who… you hear a woman answering… you feel enchanted by her voice… you’re running towards her… suddenly you can’t move… you see her hanging from the tree, the rope around her neck… she lifts her head and looks at you… the last thing you see is the blackness of her eyes before he wakes up.

Shaira has lost his confidence. He seems incredibly worried about the future. He’s finding it very difficult to see things in a positive light and he shows of a very dark and troubled mind. you’re in a large garden… very old… you’re lost… you hear someone calling your name, you know the voice… you run along the hedge trying to find the right path… you collide with a large statue, fall to the ground… did the statue move?… you look at it and notice the large horns and wakes up.

Johnathan is becoming more and more impatient. He’s having problems focusing his strength and more often than once, it seems like he has given up. It feels like the whole world is against him. He’s having troubles falling asleep, and when he finally does he sleeps uneasily likes he’s being haunted by dreams and nightmares trying to tell him something.you’re in a large garden… very old… you’re lost… you hear someone calling your name… do you recognize the voice?… you’re searching for the right path… a maze, a dead end, a large door… your vision is blurred… tentacles… as you reach out and pulls the door open he wakes up.

Max has pushed everybody away from him. He’s daydreaming, walking around restless, unable to sleep, staring towards the sky, the stars and the moon. When he does get some sleep, he begins sleepwalking, often waking up in the middle of the woods.you’re in a large garden… very old… you’re lost… you hear a voice… someones fighting somewhere… you’re in a large pool of water… you’re struggling, fighting for breath and fighting to stay up… you collapse to the ground exhausted… the eye is looking at you and looking through you when he wakes up.


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